Amanda exposed

Andrew Krucoff snaps a picture of Amanda.

  • Emmanuel

    So much for Dell trying to serve it’s customers:

    What I don’t understand is why the CPSC seems to be providing cover for them. Does CPSC now stand for “Corporate Profit Safety Commission”?

  • Jeff,

    Any wonder why I choose anonymity. Here again you and yours choose the ad hominem attacks. Here an ageist one, too. Shameful.

    In the flat world, Jeff, your 6-million person rally (with “pitch forks and torches”), without real depth by definition constitutes a mob. Mobs like to tar and feather.

    – Amanda

  • Oh, get off your high horse, Godiva.

  • krucoff

    I am proud to be a Mac-carrying member of Jarvis’s Mob. My pitchfork has a mounted laser scope and a steady supply of butane torches keep me warm at night. (That’s probably the hash oil, or “tar and feather” in your parlance.)

    Do we encourage a “disproportionate use of force” in the war against shadow lurkers, poor customer service, out-dated business models, and a fucked-up FCC? You’re damn right we do.

  • Charles

    I am one of those who are proud to be Jeff jarvis,s pitchfork carrying mob

  • krucoff,

    Interesting tactic.

    If you can’t convince “her” that the metaphor is just a metaphor. You may as well have fun living down to expectations. ;)

    We may as well throw in horns and a tail along with the pitchfork. ;)

  • Since Amanda Chapel isn’t a real person, are ad hominem attacks against her even possible? Is a verbal attack against Betty Crocker an ad hominem? What about either Snap, Krackle, or Pop?

  • Shawn, I thought my Jew horns were implied.

  • Joseph

    ummm…which Amanda is that supposed to be? ;-)

  • aKA

    Dear Mr. Dell

    I purchased my Dell computer on 08-27-06. I was suppose to get a 12% discount on my system since I had purchased the computer with my college’s discount code, however when I got the invoice the discount was not reflected on the invoice, and at this time ordeal with customer service started.
    At 4pm I started speaking with “Andrea” who couldn’t speak english. She kept asking for a express service number and I kept giving it to her. She stated it was not the right number and that I was not looking in the correct place. I stated several times that I was reading exactly where she told me to. I eventually had to YELL into the phone several times for her supervisor. She transfers me to “Nicholas” who also can’t speak english. As it turns out, I was telling her the right number! And I still don’t understand what the service code had to do with discount!
    Literally, we were on the phone or online with Dell “Customer Service” from 4pm to 2am. We were passed back and forth from manager to manager. And still was not able to solve the problem or get an appropriate explanation for the glich! I called the company back at 6am and was on the phone with them until 10am. We spoke with approximately 15 different people all of which didn’t speak english. We were transferred 8 times and disconnected 4 times. After all this, NOTHING was resolved.
    However I manage to get operator id number of one individual. Agent (Sup Bini Kumaran), whose Id number is 76218. agent Sup Bini Kumaran was very unprofessional and claimed to a manager, who managed to insult me on many occasion during our conversation. At this point I have exhausted all the option to get this issue resolved and I am reluctant to write this letter to you Mr. Michael Dell and I am confident that you sir, out of all people at dell will understand my frustration and help me! I have included all my contact information.


    Long time dell customer

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