Today’s helpful Dell blogging tip

Try to do it daily. You create a stir and get people to come back to your blog to see what you have to say next, so have something to say. Your group blog has had two posts in seven days. Habits are usually daily. Just trying to be helpful. Think of this as my customer service.

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  • LSF

    Hey, Jeff, it seems like Dell are listening to you. What are you going to do now?

  • Anonymous

    Whoa it’s kinda strange that they’re actually listening. Very interesting to say the least.

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  • andy

    apparently, dell also censors comments that are critical of the company…..

    i posted a comment yesterday regarding the unethical behavior of dell in the xps700 fiasco and the moderators of the dell blog censored the comment and refused to allow it to be posted…..

    perhaps that explains some of the problems with dell……a company can never offer good support if it can’t face the criticism of its loyal customers

  • Great advice; and I know he’s right. But there’s this strange reluctance on my part. It’s like there’s a tiny Sally Field in my mind whispering, “Don’t post every day…you might bother them.” Hmmm…will I one day be crying and laughing at the same time while saying, “You like me…You really like me!”

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