Can this vlog be saved?

I have no idea what’s happening behind the map at Rocketboom with Amanda Congdon gone and Rocketboom grounded. I’ve known Amanda and Andrew Baron since the early days and like and respect them both. I also saw some creative tension there but I think that’s part of what made Rocketboom good. I hope that they manage to get back together or that they each go on to create great new things. The one thing I hope doesn’t come of this is dead air.

: Here’s the Washington Post’s report. Yes, vlogging is big news.

: LATER: Here’s Heather Green’s reporting in Business Week. She gets to Baron with more. I disagree with one thing Heather and other reporters who’ve emailed me have said. Heather:

And it’s bound to raise questions about the viability of video blogging as a sustainable business.

Plenty of blogs, newspapers, magazines, shows, networks, you name it, have changed or folded and it doesn’t say anything about the entire medium.