Adverblog says advertisers are starting to buy space on airport electrical outlets. If only airports had electrical outlets.

  • Ed Rusch

    there are plenty in the clubs, where the affluent passengers congregate.

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  • Jim McGuire

    When I first started traveling for business a few years ago it was an eye opener that there were no outlets available to plug in a laptop. Even today, 2006, its still not a lock to find a outlet. I’ve seen ‘laptop lanes’ but I think they’re the exception, not the rule.

  • I only travel about 100 days a year now, but in the past it’s topped 300, and the situation varies from bad to WTF-bad depending on the airport.

    There’s probably a micro-niche idea here: Set up a small, bloggish site that reports the location of electrical outlets in major airports and support it with AdSense. Where the *hell* did I put Nick Denton’s phone number…. ;)