What is reality, Paris

Listening to Steve Wright’s BBC podcast, I heard some gems in an interview with Paris Hilton, who was flogging her new record and is promising to become a hotel magnate — not just heiress — in her own right with a chain of new hotels under the brand Paris.

* On reality: “I’m playing a character. That’s not really how I am in real life. I’m playing like a dumb blonde and just act stupid and say stupid things…. It is a reality show so I can understand people thinking it’s real.”

* On fame: “I’ve built my name right. I don’t even need my last name.”

* On culture: “I’m really good friends with James Blunt. He’s my favorite singer. He’s cool.” Oh, that figures. Pap stars.

* On media: “There’s too many gossip magazines.” For Paris, I’d think there can never be enough.

* On nature: “I have like a zookeeper, a lady who lives at my house, because I have so many animals. I have monkeys and ferrets and cats.” Yes, she is turning into Michael Jackson before our very eyes. But without the talent.