To the tunes of….

Those Were the Days, My Friend…. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles…. and Seems like Old Times….

Rafat Ali’s Paid Content had its first mixer in New York tonight and it was wonderful news for him but, I fear, frightening news for the industry and economy. More than 500 people signed up and sold out the place in three hours. It was jammed with guys in nametags making pitches for their companies to anyone who would stand still and even those who would notIt .

Jane, stop this crazy thing.

It’s deja vu all over again.

Mr. Welk, turn off the damned bubble machine.

It was absolutely spectacular to see the the value, influence, and respect Rafat et al have built from the ground up, on their own. Bravo to them!

But watch out, guys. No party lasts forever.

Here’s a photo from the event. I swear that I did not (a) have a drop to drink, (b) piss of Nick Denton, or (c) goose Spencer Reiss. I just dislike those party photos.