Well, well, Dell

Yes, I am amused in a smug way about Dell suddenly discovering that it has problems. See this story at Investor’s Business Daily, which mentions my Dell hell, and today’s New York Times reports on efforts to turn around the bilge-filled barge by finally adding customer service people. The brand is badly tarnished and a few PR efforts won’t fix that. I’m not sure what would. This week’s Business Week innovation special (sorry, can’t find the direct link online) has a simple chart showing the stock performance of the S&P 500 against stocks of companies with reputations for customer care: Starbucks, Target, and an airline (to be named later when I can find the damned link, if it exists) far outperformed the market. It’s so damned obvious: Serve your customers and win. Screw your customers and lose. The mob storming castle Dell was the surest leading indicator of problems at that company and Dell’s executives and analysts were blind fools if they didn’t see it.

  • adslfan

    Michael Dell still a billionaire.

    northwest airlines is the airline named.

    when you got millions of customers like big companies do…. things screw up.
    it happens. you don’t like go to another big corporation.

  • annmacas

    very saddened to see the “news” of the new think of service as a factory model that the team at DELL are proposing. It is a tried and failed approach- many times over around the world, that will further widen the gap between DELL and its Customers.

    As a loyal DELL customer, who happens to also have decades of call center experience, they need to focus more on my needs and how to best service them, and less on publishing meaningless metrics to the agents in the center (number of calls waiting and for how long) which only encourage the agents to wrap up the call quickly but without regard to if my issue is resolved.

    Sad to hear it………hope someone at DELL is reading that article and thinking……well..THAT AINT RIGHT.

  • Customer satisfaction should be the first motive of any org.
    ……….i had this Apple labtop few months back, it complained of over heating and vibration. It was really frustating wen the Apple support did’nt turned up despite of regular complaints. And so i decided never to turn my head to Apple products again.
    ……….and so serve your customers and win, screw your customers and loose.

  • Van

    Quite right about Dell. I had a refurbished laptop that caused me lots of headaches and is now a doorstop. A Dell desktop, however, works fine. I recently needed to get a new laptop, and I had no interest in Dell based on my experience and others’. I opted for a Mac PowerBook G4 that I bought via Craig’s List, and it’s working fine. In my mind, Dell has assumed the mantle previously held by Leading Edge (remember that brand?) and Gateway as the home of crashing PCs.

  • As a small biz owner of a Web shop, I have to say I’ve been quite please with my Dells. I can’t get bulk orders of computers and save (we have about 20 purchased at different times). I think small biz owners like myself are in a unique position to compare. So far with 3 dells I’ve never had to make a support call (they are all lest than 2 years old, though)

  • EPat49

    If I am not mistaken Tom Friedman of the new York Times used Michael Dell and Dell as examples for his “Flat Earth” look on globalization.

  • I am more of an apple fan than a dell fan, but some large customers of mine use Dell, and have recently cancelled some orders. I guess they are considering their options more, and are less brainwashed into believing that Dell is the only choice.

  • Dell has certainly done a great job for the IT industry but all savings have been provided by a very poor customer service. In US certainly but in Europe too… If you read French find here a beginning of a “French Dell Hell” ;-)
    on RelationClient.net a web site dedicated to customer experience.

  • Charles

    I bought 2 dells and couple of my friends also bought dell. All four of us experienced failure within 2 to 3 months of purchase. It tells me that dell is producing cheap like GM used to do. If dell does not know the price you pay for this, DELL can look at GM

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  • HowlinRob

    As a dell sales rep, I can totally relate to “dell hell”. Its a difficult objection to overcome as more and more customers get crappy service. Not that all get such poor service although, enough to be a burden on us that are the face of dell in mall kiosks around the U.S.

    Another large problem is that, service is that, service has to be purchased. Alot of people want all the service humanly possible but do not want to buy it when they purchase the product. There are some issues between cheap consumers who want it all for 399. vs protecting the investment fully.

    I believe that its a combo effect between consumer ignorance, wanting everything for nothing and of course the piss poor effort by Rahab in India who refuses to stop reading from his script long enough to have independant thought in resolving customer issues in which he has no idea of how to handle for he has no understanding of American culture and the McDonalds drive thru service expectations.