And it’s OK does a mondo special report for online about the wiring of teens in America and what it all means. They lead off saying: “The news is overwhelmingly positive.” At last, someone to swim against the tide of MySpace-is-ruining-humankind stories. (I think jitterbugging already did that, didn’t it?)

  • Anyone remember passing notes in class … and getting caught? Wonder who gets sent to the principal for email.

  • Jitterbugging? Nope, dime novels. Dreadful stuff about adventures, wide open spaces, heroes, honor, courtesy, and self reliance. You know, the kind of stuff that gives America a bad name with the elites of the world. Treachery, elitism, snobbery, and the like is what makes for a civilized man. Can’t let the lower classes think they can improve themselves.

    BTW if socialist movements taught us anything positive, it’s that adolescents must be kept too busy to get into trouble. Leaving a teenager to his own devices is a recipe for disaster.

  • What do you make of the studies that say that in order for the Internet to be useful, one must know quite a bit first, and have something to look for?