Jesus, get me rewrite

Off a Google ad on my site, I find a journalism school for Christians. All you bring is a laptop, a camera, and a Bible.

The eight-week program will challenge Christian students to integrate their faith, journalism practice, and understanding of our current culture in a unified fashion aptly fit for today’s mainstream newsrooms.

So you can infiltrate those citadels of Godlessness.

  • Good for them – maybe they’ll see more of the world, treat others with charity while writing good stories, and all will be well.

    Naive, I know, but then again so are concepts like “love,” “trust,” and “responsibility.”

  • clinton

    This is a virtual high five for YOU Mr. Jarvis.

  • Kat

    Gee, one school not based on forcefeeding leftism , big deal. Don’t worry, most of the nutjobs will graduate with a degree in leftist ideology.

  • chuck

    This differs from ordinary journalism how? Ever look at the Columbia Journalism Review? And don’t tell me about objectivity and competence, Katrina coverage was a disastrous display journalistic incompetence and herd mentality in which you shamelessly participated.

  • Interesting that you should call attention to a Google advert on your site.

    Google summarily kicked me off of their AdSense program for calling attention to the Google advertisers on my website, The Log Cabin Chronicles.

    No appeals listened to. They — including the Three Big Honchos — refused to reply to my e-mails or faxes.

    I reckon they won’t treat you like that.


    John Mahoney
    The Log Cabin Chronicles

  • Great! Its a complete package with all in one. You need to learn so much apart from integrating cultural as well as religious values in you.

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  • Journalism could use some alternative voices. The fact that journalism is currently so homogenous I would think would be a great embarrassment.

  • Eileen

    Carson Fire,

    You evince the quintessential art of gentlemanly understatement.



  • It in nice to know that journalism has been combined on preaching the gospel of Jesus, God bless you.