The proprietors

Jay Rosen examines the Philly newspaper deal. I’m not sure that public or private ownership of papers matters nearly as much as having the strategic balls to develop and experiment.

  • Jeff: If you don’t have vision and nerve it doesn’t matter who owns you– that’s true. But it’s not public or private as much as chain vs. local. Here is the Philadelphia Inquirer’s home page. Here is the Charlotte Observer’s. Notice any similarities? Does getting out from that make any difference?

  • I tried to read Jay’s post but nodded off three times. At the beginning he says he’s lacks confidence that the new owners of the Philly papers will be “good for journalism”.

    I was shocked to find out that HE is the judge and jury on journalism.

    His bio says he’s been teaching at the NYU J-school for twenty years. I can’t help but think how many of today’s retarded journalists graduated from his program.