The Guardian publishes a hilarious email exchange:

As Sun fashion editor Erica Davies herself admitted, it had been a “very LONG day” in Paris – so she could be forgiven for the mix up that led to the following email exchange, destined to become a classic of the genre.

The Sun hack flew off the handle at her brother, with whom she shares a home in east London, over the all-too-common but rarely discussed matter of men and their competency in matters of the shared bathroom toilet.

But caution is always advisable in the ways of the internet, as Davies, 29, discovered.

Thinking that she had fired off a curt email to her brother Gareth Davies, who works in PR, she had no idea that her email would instead ping into the inbox of another Gareth Davies, a colleague who works on sister publication the News of the World.

Go read the rest. Enjoy.

  • Mike G

    Can’t read the rest, requires registration.

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  • I can’t read either. Registration wall.

  • Registration wall – will not go further.

  • jfb3

    What’s the matter guys. Don’t you know how to fill out a registration form? They don’t ask for money, it won’t cost you anything. Heck, there’s probably a BugMeNot entry for it anyway. Geesh!

  • tom


    Because it’s none of their $#*&ing business who I am, the name of my company, how many are employed there, etc., and I don’t feel like making something up.

  • Glyn

    Yep, us grouches have rights to you know. Don’t care if it’s free and easy. Not going to. No sirree.

  • Thanks – worth the ‘price’ of admission.

  • Funny. Real funny. Poor Erica. BTW, have you tried going through an email header these days.

    And for the fussbudgets: Your privacy must be so imperiled.