Splain it to us

Susan Crawford does a masterful job explaining net neutrality.

  • Hunter McDaniel

    Hear, hear. Great link, Jeff.

    The telcos have an asset they want to extract rent for, but that asset is not the wires – it’s US. We hired them to deliver food and now they want to be able to set the menu.

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    Crawford writes with great feeling and much spunk, but her post doesn’t explain what the so-called “net neutrality” law actually says. Here’s the part I don’t like: “If a broadband network provider prioritizes or offers enhanced quality of service to data of a particular type, it must prioritize or offer enhanced quality of service to all data of that type (regardless of the origin or ownership of such data) without imposing a surcharge or other consideration for such prioritization or enhanced quality of service.”

    This criminalizes DiffServ, a real IETF protocol that lots of people use. It’s bad law.