Blogger Idol

The Guardian’s Comment is Free launched a contest to name the best commenter, who will be elevated to official CiF blogger. (Yes, I know, it’s a class system. But that’s OK. It’s Britain). I do hope this works because — probably among others — I suggested it to CiF editor Georgina Henry as a way to stop focusing on the few assholes who soil comments and start recognizing all the witty folks who bring their wit, knowledge, and — this being Britain — irony to the discussion. Here is the announcement of the blogoff. Here is the list of nominees (names I recognized from my reading of CiF; it’s a good list). The nominations thread had more than 850 posts and, from what I could see, a notable lack of vile bile. So far, it seems to be working, which proves that commenters, like columnists and bloggers, like attention.

  • Just this morning I linked to a Florida paper that is launching its second round of Blogger Idol — looking for the best local bloggers and with space on the editorial page as the prize in addition to more tangible rewards like money.

  • I liked the playful spirit of the comment thread. I suspect MPD got into the lead because his sub-thread was so much fun to read. I do know this, however wins their posting can’t be as lackwitted, inconsiderate, and dull as dishwater boring as anything by Ken “I’m Having Hugo Chavez’s Baby” Livingston.