One for the good guys

A vote for net neutrality.

  • Jeff, you should read the article you linked. It says:

    Because the FCC is overseen by Barton’s committee, that proposal would effectively cut off Judiciary Committee members from being able to hold hearings on Net neutrality antitrust violations, give speeches about corporate malfeasance and solicit campaign cash from affected companies–the lifeblood of modern Washington politics.

    I know your dim-witted partner loves regulation, but this is hardly a good guys vs. bad guys issue.

  • R Rainey

    With reports from the right about Google discriminating among sites it will carry based on viewpoint, do we really want to limit market forces further handing more power to entrenched players? This is a scary bill that strikes me as unnecessary. There is a reason many industries were deregulated.

  • Right, this bill turns control of the Internet over to the guy with the fattest pipe.

    The moron Craig Newmark says it’s a “level playing field” but that’s the biggest lie since “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”