Fight! Fight!

The Wall Street Journal pits McCurry against Craig Newmark over net neutrality and Craig wipes the floor with that company-line spewing spin machine. Says Craig:

I realize you’re cleverly using Colbertian “truthiness,” and I just can’t compete with that. Nerds are notoriously literal.

What we’re looking for is just fairness, a level playing field, no regulation or stuff like that. In America we believe that if you play fair and work hard, you get ahead. We don’t want the government to give special privileges to the big guys, particularly not at the expense of small business and consumers. We don’t want more regulation and we don’t need lawyers involved where the free market functions well. I guess we’re for capitalism.

Current net neutrality (as currently conceived) functions well, allowing innovators to create wealth and help us all out. Why should the FCC or Congress fool with that? We’ve seen that the telecoms don’t need more privileges, they need to get serious about using their existing resources….

Even Mike’s clients have confessed that they intend to discriminate. They consistently forget who owns the airwaves and public rights of way on which they’ve built their fortunes. They frequently break their commitments…

Net neutrality is the embodiment of American values of democracy and fairness. Let’s keep it that way. I joined the coalition and signed a petition to Congress. Mike, you talk about preserving competition; when can we expect you to sign up?