Doc Searls is giving the closer at Syndicate.

He says the problem with search is that it isn’t live. He says that search engines see the web as a static thing. But he says they do search the live web, they just hide it.

Yahoo has a news search with a blog search under beta but, he complains, it’s on the right side of the page where we’re trained not to look because that’s where ads go. Google’s blog search is there but hidden and he asks why it’s not included in the main search. He emphasizes that the live web is more than RSS and blogging; you know the list.

Repeating a wonderful line from his blog, he says that “the best blogging is about rolling snowballs.”

: UPDATE: See Doc in the comments clarifying what I mucked up. And see this post with a much, much better blogging of the talk. I got interrupted with a phone call and didn’t do it justice.