The last portal

I’ve been toggling back and forth between the new Yahoo home page (home of tabs) and Google‘s home, getting UI whiplash. Just looking at the two tells you everything about the differences in their business models. I’ve been calling Yahoo the last old-media company. I may start calling them the last portal.

  • But Jeff,

    Google is adding to it’s content and isn’t it only a matter of time before their clean interface goes the way of a Nascar automobile?

  • But Jeff,

    Google is adding to its content and isn’t it only a matter of time before their clean interface goes the way of a Nascar automobile?

  • Viva simplicity!

  • clinton

    Jarvis I’m bored. Do something interesting.

  • susan

    why wouldn’t yahoo reward their heavy users (people who use as their home pages) by rolling out a new my yahoo page and instead give less loyal customers a new product?

  • Yahoo is in the hands of traditional media people and designers. These people like things “pretty” and “controlled” – not a good thing for a web company. They’ll be losing users… pretty soon.

  • Its high time for Yahoo to develop something new to make their users stick to them and even add to the existing list. Some sort of redesigning of their web page to catch the users attention, more and more pictures with the text. They really need to do something or either imagine their future, which is i suppose……………Dark.

  • John

    Gee, don’t play “Taps” for Yahoo just yet. Its profits were up 126% in 2005 over 2004, it has the largest News site (in terms of unique visitors) on the Internet, its collection of Entertainment sites (Movies, TV, Games, ET Online and Music) makes it by far the leader in that field, it has the largest Financial news site on the Internet, and it has by far and away the largest email service on the Internet.

    It may possibly become “the last portal,” as Jeff describes, but it may be that it’s the last one because it’s so much better than everyone else.

  • Jimmy

    Call me Mr. Old Media, but just what does Google’s home page offer me? A jumping off point to millions of other places to go? Well, fine, if that’s what you want. I, for one, like the fact that I can go to ONE place and find what I need. If I want to go to those millions of other places, then all I have to do its type something into that handy little search box at the top. Yahoo may indeed be the last portal, but is that a bad thing? Yahoo has survived long past many of its rivals and will most likely outlast what’s left — including everbody’s favorite “destination”: Google. Of course, that doesn’t mean Yahoo, or Google for that matter, can afford to be stagnant or unwilling to change, but I wouldn’t count out “the last portal” yet — even if they cancel your email because you stop using them.

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