I’m at the Syndicate conference in New York. Just did the unkeynote. Have no idea whether it worked. You tell me.

: The meatiest thing that came out of it was a lot of confusion and complaint about the state of tagging. It’s time for taggercon.

: Richard Edelman, who’s becoming known as the most clueful flack, says that they are getting rid of the “message triangle,” the old, accepted wisdom of media training that taught the speaker to keep coming back to three points no matter what the question is. He says the John Kerry failed in his debates because he was too-well trained; he kept coming back to those points. Too much training reduces credibility, he says.

He says that PR people in the future should be “chief listening officers.” Yes, but that should be the job of all execs, no?

: Thinking about it, I’d do the unkeynote differently, modeling it more on the unconference. It needs to start with a goal — a question to answer, a problem to solve, a debate to surface or settle, so people try to pull together to some end and the conversation isn’t random … and so the unkeynoter can bring the conversation back on course when it veers off (as this one did). Lesson learned.

  • I think it worked better. At least as well.

  • In back of the room here at conference. Hope to finally connect live. Great probing at conf.

  • Ethan

    Hey Jeff, whatever happened to the Iraq war? Whatever happened to 9/11? Now that it just ain’t cool to spit administration spin, you seem strangely silent on these issues. Awake!

  • Other than those damn AV issues it worked well. Unfortunately, the convesation at the end was hijacked with the personal Technorati vendetta.

  • qcontent

    Awake, for Jeff and Ethan–

    . . .The Iraq war was a choice, not a necessity; that turned into just another of Bush’s countless mistakes; he constantly has to lie to cover up.

    . . .9/11 was an inside job, done by different terrorists than those who were blamed.

    . . . And listening, is the core of any good conversation.

    . . . Syndication is the only way to go.

  • Better than the average keynote by far. As you referenced Dave would have been proud.

    I like the comment that it isn’t simply about content & context, it is about relationships.

  • wag

    >John Kerry failed in his debates

    Um…Kerry kicked Bush’s ass in the debates. WTF?

  • wag,
    just quoting edelman. and he’s a democrat. so i interpret this as his critical view of how the performance should have been better, how he should have received different training/advice.

  • Ethan

    “. . .9/11 was an inside job, done by different terrorists than those who were blamed.”

    ok, nutbag.

  • qcontent


    Time will tell, cause no one else certainly will, and others like yourself unfortunately just don’t get it. Ask your preacher at church this Sunday, he will tell you all you need to know, again.

  • Ethan

    yeah, i don’t go to church, so i can only assume that your comment comes from some form of anti-religious bigotry. good job on that.
    i just “don’t get” what, exactly? i opposed the iraq war vehemently and organized for kerry. but to think that “bush is hiding the truth about 9/11” is just plain batty. this guy can’t speak in coherent sentences, and you think he pulled off the biggest conspiracy in world history?

  • qcontent

    That would be correct Ethan.

    Let’s discuss some facts about George W. Bush–by any chance do you know what a good ole boy bubba is, and their typical modus operandi? Combine that with the ability to lie even better than Clinton; without hesitation and without remorse, because God wants you to do, what you do. Be completely bought, paid for, and owned by those who have motives and much to gain from post 9/11. Ride an emotional wave of voter polls and approval, because they are scared and shocked and surprised and just looking for security and safety from their post 9/11 fears; and for revenge. Have a propagandist, who is a modern day reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels; paint whatever picture is required to create any desired image, persuasion, or influence needed. Be the perfect sock puppet, who faithfully delivers his messages. Have complete control over every branch of the federal government and total cooperation from the military, industrial-corporate, congressional complex. Knowing full well that those who are in control, control everything from perception to history; and have the ability to hide what really happened, and only expose their version of what they supposedly say happened.

    Yes, even you, my naïve loyalist might be quite surprised at what is real, and what is not; if you were to take the time to research it in some other place than Fox or CNN or your local newspaper or your buddies, and think for yourself and not trust those who deserve none. And yes, your government and your parents and your peer group and your school and your religion and your boss and your friends, have and will lie to you; for any reason from self interest to, for your own good.

  • the unkeynote was kinda fun, Jeff. Beat the crap out of the old “talking head” thing that put me right to sleep later on.

    I’ve been to around 7 or 8 conferences in less than a year (losing track at this point) but I’m finding that I’m hearing the same old thing at alot of the big conferences. If I’m hearing the same thing, and I’m getting bored, I can imagine how you might be getting sick of saying the same thing all the time.

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