Been meaning to ask…

Why the hell did Howard Dean think it was a good idea to go on the 700 Club?

  • I think he went on to show that he was tough enough to stand up to the opposition. The GOP is very good at this. Dean screwed it up by trying to find common ground. I mean, of course there’s common ground…but that’s not what he needs to be demonstrating right now.

  • I got to listen to Mr. Dean when he came to Penn State last year and I was very impressed. He’s an example of how the liberal media skews everybody: he’s pretty moderate and comes off as a radical in the press.

    Anyway, he talked about the fact that Democrats have been taking a defeatest mentality with a lot of “red states” including religious people. He said he felt the Democratic platform offered a lot for Christians in terms of social justice and I think he probably went to the 700 club to make that case. It’s unfortunate he misrepresented the party’s views though.

  • That was amazing. Of all things to misstate, the Democratic Party’s position on gay marriage would be one thing you’d think was impossible. This does not look good for him as spokesman.

  • Jeff

    Howard Dean… one of the best things to happen to the GOP. Not to take anything away from Al Gore, he was pretty beneficial too. Nut jobs all.

  • EverKarl

    There is an unstated premise in your question, i.e., that Dean thought about it.

  • Why the hell did the Democrats think it was a good idea to make Dean party chairman?

    Yeah, Jeff. Dean shows an ignorance of his own party platform, then clumsily retracts what he said, and you have to frame this post by taking a subtle shot at the 700 Club.

  • chico haas

    Dean wasn’t completely wrong. The DNC Platform never explicitly states it’s for gay marriage. It won’t say it because Democrats are divided on the issue. The Platform says it’s for inclusion of gay families (could be civil unions). But that the issue (of marriage) is for the states to decide. They ain’t opposed; they ain’t for. It’s a hedge all the way.

  • hey


    NR was so right: Please Nominate This Man!

    BTW, don’t be knocking John Fing Kerry. He was a very good spokesman for the Reps too.