You tell us

The Wall Street Journal online asked its readers to tell it what the next 10 years should bring. Here‘s what they said.

  • Angelos

    Funny stuff.

    How about, less outright winger bullshit?

  • John

    You’ll find the winger BS on, Angelos, not

  • Angelos

    True. I let my paper subscription run out, and don’t really miss the outright lying on the editorial page. I do buy the Friday issue, though, for the Weekend Journal.

    Business news, there’s enough around elsewhere, that I’m not sure even subscribing to is worth it. Besides, I stopped active trading a while ago (back when it was fun) and have let things run up on their own along with the Dow.

  • hey

    You’ll also find that the customers love the clear thinking that’s on the editorial pages. A few dilettante limousine leftists that despise the system that keeps them in luxury excepted. You might want to rethink how you make money Angelos: if markets are so evil, should you really be involved with them?

    If you think WSJ ed board is full of “wingers” I wonder where you think the centre is? Probably substantially to the Left of our host. Hope that keeps working out for you.

  • Angelos

    Clear thinking like “A Good Leak”? Like killing brown people across the world will make us stronger? Like staggering deficits are OK?

    Who said anything about markets anyway? Nice buzzwords, though. I almost filled in a bingo card in two short paragraphs!

  • PSGInfinity


    There are Good Leaks, and Bad Leaks. Killing brown people can be a Very Good Thing, especially when it’s Al Qaida. And huge deficits disappoint and enrage us, too. Although I’d REALLY like to see Bush given a little credit for practicing a little Keynesian economics back in ’01 – ’03.

    The National Intelligence Estimate, like all good summaries, has the sources and methods carefully delineated, easy to obscure when leaking. Summary leaking can mobilize support, justify action, and counteract lies.

    Counteract lies. Precisely why Leftists hate what he did.

    Forced question: Is engaging AlQaqa, with soldiers, in a Foreign Land, better or worse than letting AlQ engage our civilians here? (Y/N)