Next: a tax on company toilet paper

Incredible how new taxes can be invented: In the UK, they’re talking about efforts to tax personal use of company computers.

The Treasury has played down the extent of the changes. However, the Finance Bill, to be debated in the House of Commons tomorrow, makes clear that both employers and employees will now be taxed if they use office computers for personal reasons, such as surfing the web or sending e-mails to friends, unless their personal use is “not significant”.

  • Vermont Neighbor

    Massive tax grab. And a sneaky way to fine offenders.

  • Brian O’Connell

    Next thing they’ll do is try to put a tax on, you know, thingy.

  • bit torrent

    What’s new? I’ve been self employed since 1989 and I’ve only ever been able to claim for business use of telephone or equipment. Not personal use. Why should employees be any different?