Gray ladies

Thomas Knüwer says that newspaper blogs are all gray and dull.

In the journalism blog at the Handelsblatt (Germany’s Wall Strasse Journal), Knüwe continues the discussion about Michael Hiltzik’s nom de snarks, newspaper blogs, transparency, and the reason why journalists have such a problem having open discussions with their readers. I don’t have my German dictionary with me, so I’ll paraphrase rather than translate what he says:

Perhaps this is a reason why so many blogs by professional journalists are so gray and dull: They don’t want to take fire for their opinions. In a paper, this is easy. One writes an article and gets perhaps angry calls and two or three letters and that’s that. In TV, the hotline takes the criticism; ditto radio.

In the internet, its much easier for readers to respond. And they impudently wait for a discussion. That’s hard; that’s work; that’s not normal.

But I’ll earnestly say: It makes for (saumäßigen?) fun. And it helps test your own arguments.

Now that’s the attitude.