Google syndication

Can someone explain to me what’s going on with Google’s syndication protocol? It enables queries to a data base:

GData provides a general model for feeds, queries, and results. You can use it to send queries and updates to any service that has a GData interface. Syndication is an effective and popular method for providing and aggregating content. GData provides a way to expand the types of content that Google can make available through syndication; in particular, it lets you use the syndication mechanism to send queries and receive query results. GData also lets you send data to Google, and update data that Google already has. Is it going to cause confusion in the marketplace? Does it provide something new that’s useful? What are the uses? How does it compare with Ray Ozzie’s two-way-syndication protocol?

  • Sanja

    As far as I understand, all the authentication and posting stuff in that document should be ignored. They want to extend syndication mechanism and allow sending search queries to feeds and extract not the whole feed, but only search results in Atom or RSS (i.e. make all this “subscribe to these search results via RSS” stuff standartized).

    Same stuff, as with Atom. Atom allows posting and so on, but 99,9% of its use is retrieval of feeds. This won’t confuse anyone – these extra features simply won’t be used…

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  • Hey Jeff,

    I wrote a quick explaination of GData on my blog.

    The source of the confusion is the GData is a protocol, not a standalone service. I think it has enormous potential.


  • Karl

    “all the authentication and posting stuff in that document should be ignored”

    I wouldn’t go that far.

    It sounds like they will allow you to develop your own applications against gmail/google user identities. that’s potentially huge. If I recall, Yahoo has a similar spec, could be wrong about that however.

  • In the past syndication with RSS has been a generally one-way thing: you can read a feed directly over HTTP, but if you want to post to a blog or whatever you had to use completely different formats/protocols (Blogger API, Metaweblog API). The Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) provides a way of sending information that is entirely consistent with the way you receive information, using simple HTTP methods, and following general best practices.

    GData is essentially a store which supports APP plus OpenSearch (the fact that they were able to incorporate OpenSearch in a straightforward fashion is a reflection of how APP uses XML to good advantage compared to the inflexible XML-RPC APIs).

    See also: Looking forward to an Atom Store and Joe Gregorio’s comments on GData.

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  • Hrmm… Thanks for the brief description on google syndication.

  • Pavan

    the main matter behind the screen of gdata(google syndication protocol) is that, it has an objective to reach the heights, sorry, i want to become the height itself. clearly to say, it (google) want to become the internet itself and to crush other site down and pay a minor for their RICH RESOURCES. This is the main idea behind them. This is from me(SEO).

  • I agre it has potential as well but there seems to be a few underlying question as to wether or not it will be efficient with other programs.