Dell hell, still

Arstechnica reports that Dell’s growth has slowed in the U.S.

Dell, on the hand, did not fare as well. The company is still growing, to be sure, but not as fast as the overall market. During the first quarter, Dell’s worldwide shipments grew by 10.2 percent. That was still enough to keep the company in first place with 18.1 percent of the overall market. Perhaps most alarmingly for Dell, US growth for the quarter dropped under 1 percent [from almost 9 percent – ed]. At least the company’s increased focus on Asia and other non North American markets is paying off, as its international shipments grew to 23 percent vs. the overall market figure of 16 percent.

To this day, I get emails almost daily — in addition to blog links and blog comments — from poor souls who have had their own tales of Dell hell. It is a serious problem that will continue to cause problems for the company.

To all the nice folks who send me email asking for help: I wish I could but I am the last person to have any connection at Dell. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do except sympathize… and recommend a Mac.

: LATER: Analyst issues sell rating for Dell. [via the comments]

: Also via the comments: Tom Peters finds Dell’s Peter Principle.