Dell hell, still

Arstechnica reports that Dell’s growth has slowed in the U.S.

Dell, on the hand, did not fare as well. The company is still growing, to be sure, but not as fast as the overall market. During the first quarter, Dell’s worldwide shipments grew by 10.2 percent. That was still enough to keep the company in first place with 18.1 percent of the overall market. Perhaps most alarmingly for Dell, US growth for the quarter dropped under 1 percent [from almost 9 percent – ed]. At least the company’s increased focus on Asia and other non North American markets is paying off, as its international shipments grew to 23 percent vs. the overall market figure of 16 percent.

To this day, I get emails almost daily — in addition to blog links and blog comments — from poor souls who have had their own tales of Dell hell. It is a serious problem that will continue to cause problems for the company.

To all the nice folks who send me email asking for help: I wish I could but I am the last person to have any connection at Dell. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do except sympathize… and recommend a Mac.

: LATER: Analyst issues sell rating for Dell. [via the comments]

: Also via the comments: Tom Peters finds Dell’s Peter Principle.

  • Val Willis, on Tom Peter’s blog, now noting a trend in Dell’s future based on experience.

  • Yep. Jarvis Jam again.

    The power of the blogosphere and the Big Daddies out there!

    Cheers! MotherPie
    P.S. tried to get the link in the html — not that savvy there. sorry.

  • So Dell drops a couple of bucks you trot out your “Dell Hell” drivel?

    Apple was at $85 when you did your “nya nya” post. And it promptly dropped to $57 without a mention on your blog.

    So many financial opinons and so few people putting their money where their mouth is.

  • You know, there are alternatives to Dell….and Mac. Good alternatives. There are lots of people who don’t like Macs because the operating system doesn’t work well with most statistical software.

  • HT

    What JennyD said. Plus the fact that you can pay a 30% to 200% premium just for the privilege of buying a Mac vs. other comparably (or better) featured PC’s, depending on how smart a shopper you are. I’ve had IBM laptops for the last twelve years, for example, with excellent results, and never had to pay Mac prices or suffer with Dell’s quality and service problems. Six machines and they all still work, although I only boot some of them up for nostalgia’s sake. Also, last year I picked up an HP/Compaq model with a 17″ WXSVGA screen, and absolutely love it.

  • Andrew

    And now Dell has its first “sell” rating from a Wall Street analyst since 1996:

  • james

    What JennyD said. Plus the fact that you can pay a 30% to 200% premium just for the privilege….

    It’s about using OS X and included software and the hardware together.

    And your 30 to 200% is exaggerated.

  • Well, Nut, then I’d say it’s time to buy Apple stock.

  • I find it appalling that you push Apple as you do when they do shit like this:,39044229,39353413,00.htm

  • Then Jeff, go buy the stock. I want to see it on your full disclosure page.

  • Bob

    Dude! Enough Dell whining already!

  • Bill G.

    This might be relevant to Dell’s position. Our company bought 27 laptops to be used by our technicians and sales staff who travel to coal fired power plants worldwide. We’ve had trouble with everything from customer support to invoices and not getting delivery of computers with the options we ordered. We are going to drag out payment for these computers as long as possible. It could take years for Dell to get paid. If they call Accounts Payable- I answer the phone. I’m the person who sets them up as a vendor in our system. I’m the one who decides which invoices get paid. There are four others in the office and we are all in agreement. “To Hell with Dell.” We encourage businesses and consumers alike to take the same attitude toward this company. If they will not make customer service a priority, we will not make them a priority. We have software and hardware maintenance agreements with over 300 power plants. We supply spare parts for pollution compliance equipment to many more. We know the value of customer service. It’s time Dell learned it as well. One company is just a drop in the bucket. Several hundred companies will get their attention

  • Andy

    To hell with Dell a unethical company.
    I bought a digital camera on dell on April 10, after the purchase was complete the order status showed as inproduction.
    Today when i logged in to check the order status it showed as cancelled. I called and for 2 hours i could not get hold of any one to explain this, later when i spoke with a representative then he said i need to talk to sales and transferred to a dead end. When i called again then someone said that i need to speak to customer service and again it went to dead end.
    Finally after 2.5 hrs of struggle i could get hold of someone and they asked me all the personal information and later said that the order was cancelled because the customer didn;t want to have this product.
    When i put up an argument saying if i have cancelled the order then why would i try calling dell for 2.5 hrs. Then she said let me speak with manager and after putting me on hold for 5 mins she comes back and said that they cancelled the order because the vendor (SONY) stopped the digital camera (Cybershot DSC-H1) which is not true either.
    They tried to give me all different reasons to blame me that i was the one who cancelled the order.
    I have the print out of my order and also saved electronic copy. They refused to reinstate the order.
    The persons i spoke gave me these ref ID
    Mary – ref ID – 9721
    Gita – ref ID – 77515
    They did the same thing when i ordered dell m 700 series laptop during thanksgiving days.
    I would apprecaite if you log my complaint and do the needful, i would be more than happy to bring this unethical practice to everyones notice.

  • clause

    If you think they treat customers badly, wait till you find out how they treat their employees. It will explain a lot about “why” customers are getting the kind of treatment.

    Check out the employee complaint section at

  • Unfortunately, customer service is not the driving force for Dell’s demise. Its the margin and price game….and a lack of new sources to offset the ever growing pressure to make unit targets for wall street. Customer service is a death nail, but you have to have other things going terribly wrong to miss earnings.

    Check out more of this point of view at

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