The unkeynote

I got hornswaggled into giving a keynote at Syndicate in New York. But, I protested, I don’t know what I can tell that crowd about syndication. So I decided to try to give the unkeynote, modeled on the unconference. I’ll throw out some questions/goals and have the people in the room decide on the agenda and then enable them to share what they know — which is more than I know — as I do what I do at unconferences: I play Oprah. I mentioned this on the Gillmor Gang last night and various of my fellow callers jumped down my throat. But now I see that others, including Tara Hunt, are planning their own unkeynotes at the Mesh confab in Toronto. This could flame out spectacularly or it could make the room the panel. What do you think I should do?

  • “Risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.” (I think that’s Kurt Vonnegut.)

    Risk it. It’s what you do. Better to have a spectacular belly-flop than a boring swan dive anyway.

  • As one of the meshies, Jeff, I would have chewed through broken glass to get you up to Toronto to unkeynote with us. Risk is reward. We’re more interested in what can be created in the moment than meeting any expectations or fitting any preconceived ideas of a conference. We’d just like to hear what you think. :)

    Tho’ personally I’m more Phil than Oprah.

    Sigh. Maybe next year ;)

  • And if only you knew how much I love Toronto…

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