The Euston Manifesto

Norm Geras et al get together in a pub and come out with the Euston Manifesto, a new statement of liberal principles among those with “unambiguous democratic commitment.” It is a work in progress and a good one.

I won’t try to quote pieces of it, even its defense of America against anti-Americanism. Do go read the entire manifesto. Here is its conclusion:

t is vitally important for the future of progressive politics that people of liberal, egalitarian and internationalist outlook should now speak clearly. We must define ourselves against those for whom the entire progressive-democratic agenda has been subordinated to a blanket and simplistic “anti-imperialism” and/or hostility to the current US administration. The values and goals which properly make up that agenda — the values of democracy, human rights, the continuing battle against unjustified privilege and power, solidarity with peoples fighting against tyranny and oppression — are what most enduringly define the shape of any Left worth belonging to.

We need this in America as well.

  • That’s refreshing, Jeff. A few things:

    – I like the stout rejection of brutal/anti-democracy regimes. I’m relieved to see that they reject apologists for these thugs. And I love the rejection of anti-Americanism.
    – I agree with the embrace of workers’ rights, although it would be nice to see a distinction between workers’ rights in the US, where it borders on coddling and protecting a minority of mediocrity, and workers’ rights in developing countries, where it sometimes borders on survival.
    – While there is inequality of wealth, I heartily oppose a redistribution of wealth or any other “solutions” for that. But then I’m a capitalist, and I find that competition only improves us.
    – Lastly, I’m heartened to find a common sense approach to ideas; i.e., that they are willing to embrace good ideas whether on the Left or on the Right. A good idea is a good idea, no matter who started it.

    Nice to see this :)

  • ZF

    I note that they could find almost no journalists interested in signing (three, out of about 50 signers so far, I think). Regrettable, but a pretty accurate reflection of UK journalists’ politics.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    We oppose every form of racist prejudice and behaviour

    Does this mean that they oppose racial quotas?

  • I’m a signatory and one of the authors of the manifesto, but I can’t speak for the others.

    “We oppose every form of racist prejudice and behaviour”

    Does this mean that they oppose racial quotas?

    I oppose racial quotas, though I myself am constrained by the limits of contemporary gene technology to maintain my own fifty percent quota of blackness.

  • The negative effects of “blanket and simplistic “anti-imperialism” and/or hostility to the current US administration” can be seen in this reaction of “David” and most commenters, who are reflecting on a recent poll in Germany which suggested that “more Germans consider the U.S. to be a danger for world peace than Iran.”

    I totally disagree with there interpretations of the results and think the commenter Jabberwockey over there got it right.

  • Actually I have to restate my last sentence after re-reading the disussion underneath Jabberwockey’s comment. He did have the right things in mind but pointed them out in exactly that anti-Americanistic way. And as we see it did not do any good and just fortified the other opinions.

    Disclaimer: Yes, as you probably guessed from my name, I am from Germany.

  • Sorry for the multiple comments. But I wanted to point out one more comment, by Spacksack, which is going into the same direction as Jabberwockey but written less anti-American (although it kinda changes a little bit somewhere in the middle).

  • It’s a set of principles. It’s not a program or platform that tells you the ins-and-outs of an affirmiative action policy.

    This is so long over due for anyone who’s been dismayed by the tragedy that’s happened on the left should be over joyed beyond belief.

    This has been a great day for me.

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  • ghostsmachine

    What a refreshing load of horseshit. This is one of those reeking coils of rectal output like that Blunderhead Moron from the EFF pumped out in that screed against ‘guvments’ some years back. New screed, same old smell,
    So if I decide that say, America really ought not fund death squads somewhere, I’m a bad guy? How many propped up psycopathic generals do you get to point out the U.S. has and continues to support before the crack Euston cheerleading committee puts the words “Big Poopy Head” beside your name.
    Once you’ve driven through that intellectual truck hole, the rest is simply more of the same.

    The Internet’s a great place for middle class WHITE fuckwits to slap down a few verbs and nouns they haven’t used since 3rd year, generally to create the impression that their’s is actually the *final* word on the subject. Such insight! Such wit! Next!

    Then they get all mopey and sad eyed when the world just keeps grinding past their pathetic “No Gurlz Alloud” tree fort rules.

    Why is it necessary to do this? How big does your ego have to be to want to parade your poorly thought out ideas around in front of a global audience? What’s wrong with simply taking the simplest and most privileged tool at your disposal and demonstrating – in quiet, with deep contemplation – your beliefs with it?
    I call it voting.
    These are sad, hopeless, middle aged white people with largely Liberal values trying to work a Martin Luther moment into their empty, meaningless lives and unlike most people I do not commend them for the effort. No, if anything this “Poli-Sci Screed for Dummies 101” is simply their white liberal guilt at having sat on their hands scoping out their pension plans, paying down the mortgage and living the status quo while the world entered a new phase for EXACTLY the reasons these assholes want to now “redo”.
    Fuck them and their mulligans.

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  • Stephen Dees sr.

    Since 1973, I have seen the effects of “goals, quotas, objectives and targets” and the most despicable one, the “overide”. All BUZZ words, the currency of an oppressive government, and of “corporate welfare” in the form of the unequal EEOC government process.

    Even the name “Equal Employment Opportunity Commission” is a banner of socialist control. A commission wherein the “preferred” “minorities”, already statutorily, unconstitutionally, and unjustly, “federally protected” above that of other inhabitants consistently mandates their upward mobility at other “traditional” people’s expense; and the mob, screams for more!

    The matter is a simple process really of class subjugation using racial pressure to acheive the demolition of the middle class. The problem is one of enemy recognition and appropriate counter measure, in this case, the withholding of financial support for the repression.

    I am sure you have also seen the “good doggie” attitude and mentality of “Black preference racism” and discriminatory conduct in the form of minority business “set asides”, “special programs and incentives” and “subsidies”.

    The point is the governmental conduct which “sets aside” something not on the basis of competitive qualification, nor on the basis of desired presence, nor the wishes of the majority. The process unfolds merely to satisfy a numerical quota because of claims of “historical treatment”. No examination of case by case information, no demonstration of capability, no yielding to the basic fact of who people want to do business with occurs.

    Statistical models, which do not allow for a non statistically modeling factor, the basic one of:”I don’t feel comfortable and I would rather not; too much risk with no reward” are used.

    All because someone else “wants some”! and then using that “criteria” as the justification for the loss of the majority of one of the most basic rights, the rights of free will.

    Another indication of the “sick society” that Black Entertainment Television is acceptable but White Entertainment Television must include, yep, you guessed it!

    The perverted “standard” by which black is o.k., but non-black is not only bad it is illicit!
    It is mandatory that the viewing experience must include the mandated minority. The attitude being that they are mandated entertainment. Is that a “programming” or what?

    The concept of the effect of lack of willingness on the audience to see the entertainment and the enforcement of, if you want to watch, you must watch them, is part of the make nicey-nicey hypocrisy.

    How’s does that stack up as a “free market” economy, or basic democracy?
    You see all they want is “theirs”, as they self-define, and some of yours too!
    Their are other clear indications of the effects in the demise of the competitiveness in the work place and the dummying down of public education.


    It has always struck me as strange, that when it comes to basketball, the “numerical population of available” “basically qualified” candidates ignores the “racial composition of the population” and is generally accepted as o.k. by the government and the minority in question. A complete “blindness” and “one-sidedness” of an extremely selective nature.

    Simultaneously, despite that consistent inconsistency in thinking, both racially and governmentally (read cowardice),

    “Mandated percentages” are used where their talents are clearly demonstrated as inferior in other occupations and then the issue is “couched” as a “diversity” issue.

    But there will never be a crippled, white, 4’3″ basketball center allowed to play in the NBA.
    Never is the not the “best for the job” criteria accepted when the “shoe is on the other foot”, and never is the “why not go do something in your own hood” perspective acceptable.

    Why? because of the money.

    The money from people putting their money where they want to. The voluntary nature of discretionary expenditure and disposable income which must be mandatorily shared, literally at the point of bayonet, and armed force usage, on the basis of quota.

    Someday, the majority, after enough have experienced the “BAKKE syndrome” , will respond in overwhelming reaction and the insanity of “quota” will end.

    Until then the 12 percent of the population, that portion which generates 80 percent of all violent crime, that segment which is more demonstrably racist and simultaneously ignorant will continue to be the coddled poster child of the increasingly repressive government.
    Someday, a comparative analysis will be made with the other race/religious groups “historical experience”.

    Someday, the matter will be reviewed on the basis of the numbers of the population who are adversely affected by the government’s actions of “wrong makes right”.
    Someday, the matter will receive the benefit of unemotional review, which looks at the total population of black slaves harmed in the 18th and 19th century, by the microscopic percentage wealthy enough to own slaves, versus the non-blacks daily being harmed in the 20th and 21st century.

    But not today, today will be a day of continued mandatory quotas and unjust enrichment. Today, will be a day of escalating tensions with sporadic eruptions when safety valves open.

    Another side of the coin for consideration. Any body ready to spill a little blood on the topic, because that is how tyranny is defeated!