Global Voices goes global

Reuters does a deal with Global Voices to include content in stories.

The alliance has been struck with Global Voices Online, an international network of bloggers co-ordinated through Harvard University, that will see blog content used when there are large general interest events such as elections.

“We need to open our website to other voices,” said Dean Wright, Reuters’ global managing editor for consumer services. “There are a lot of conversations going on around news these days and we want to tap into that.”

The blog content will be displayed in two ways – either as clearly labelled posts within the company’s own websites, or as a link to a separate website placed at the end of a Reuters story offering readers a broader perspective.

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  • As I recall, Reuters used to be a Canadian company. Many Americans are going to view this as a variation of Indymedia.

    I wish them well, but I am not optimistic about the general reception of this feature. You seem to be forgetting that many American are not fans of Al Jazeera TV which also has a website. Reuters will be compared with Al Jaz.

    Jeff, there has been some kind of buzz tonight in the blogworld about a photog named Bilal Hussein. On Michelle Malkin and others. Speculating that he is in custody for collaborating with the terrorists in Iraq. It’s just gossip at this point without offical confirmation. I am concerned that some bloggers may cross the line from speculation to slander. You may want to look into this. I believe he is a stringer with AP.

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