Why and why not

Scott (Meetup) Heiferman writes a great list of 50 reasons to leave your lover, er, make that web site. Caterina (Skype) Fake responds(m with 9 reasons why people will like, er, love your web site. Both are right.

  • OK, fine. I do agree with both somewhat: blogging is about conversation to some degree, and a good blogger has to be sensitive to his audience’s need. Fine.

    Except that to blog in the first place, a blogger – even if he absolutely loves humanity – has to take a stand that involves a bit of ego, involves a bit of drive. Part of selling your content is believing in your content, believing that what you have is good for your audience. And that means that catering to the audience is not the be-all-and-end-all.

    I guess I’m ranting because I’m frustrated and have to justify to myself how I’ve lost an audience completely. Once upon a time the audience was there for things like this commentary on the Gettysburg Address and this commentary on Shakepeare’s Sonnet 73, and they were willing to talk with me about how the ideas of the past can teach us in the present.

    Now I’m reduced to blogging about American Idol in order to keep what’s left of an audience there.

  • Scott forgot one thing: “Because your site is blocked” I can’t access Meetup.com here in China!

  • miles

    thanks for pointing these articles out (typo: Caterina is flickr, not skype)

  • Rob

    FYI: I believe Caterina Fake is one of the people behind Flickr, not Skype.