Media on media in media

Media Guardian, where I am proud to write a column, has started a podcast. Here’s the first episode (MP3), with my editor, Matt Wells, as host. I’ll be listening in the car in the a.m.

  • fyi, the link for the podcast is meant to point here:

  • Jim Dermitt

    The merger of print and spoken word is great for the blind.
    We have had a radio news service for people who can’t see and
    want the newspaper stories. This has been around for years in Pittsburgh, PA.
    It’s a volunteer organization. I did some work for a lady 10 years ago who used it. Our local newspapers still don’t offer much in the way of audio via the web. There has been a lot of cooperation between the print and television people in our market. Every TV news broadcast seems to have at least one story that is “from our newspaper partners at the ….”. The newspapers are creeping into the TV broadcasts and seem sort of lost when it comes to using web technology to serve readers. They hire bloggers, just to fire bloggers to create a credibility gap, which they then fill of course.

  • Jim Dermitt

    Today: Only in Print in Pittsburgh
    Opinion: Paul Krugman — Treasury Secretary John Snow mouths propaganda.
    Page 2: Earth Week — Roundup of world environmental news.
    Home&Garden: Details on recent Allegheny County home and property sales.
    My Generation: M3 – Young critics offer their takes on movies, music and more …
    For more information: Buy a newspaper.

    Young critics only in print. Hint; the kids are on the web! Snow mouthing propaganda and sales data, which you can pay them for when it’s public information to begin with. It’s Earth Week, so I think I’ll rush out and buy a newspaper for the roundup and since it’s spring, I’ll need some Roundup.

  • Kim

    Hmm.. I can’t find any RSS-feed for the ‘podcast’. If you can’t subscribe then I guess it’s not a podcast, but just a downloadable mp3 show ;)

  • You’re right Kim, we had some trouble with the RSS feeds Friday, but it will be fixed by Monday and our downloadable mp3 show will become a true podcast. Hope you’ll subscribe. Guardian Unlimited will launch a range of other podcasts Tuesday.

  • Kim

    Thanks for the information Matt. I will certainly check it out :)

  • A postscript – the RSS feeds will now be fixed for tomorrow, when the full range of Guardian Unlimited podcasts is launched.