l’affarianna Huffington update

Arianna Huffington called me from her Carribbean vacation to say that Huffingtonpost is now changing its policy on mashup blog posts of the rich and famous. She listened to the complaints of her readers, who were not shy on her own blog.

She said that from now on, she would make clear the source of quotes she stitched together. I suggested that wasn’t transparent enough. I still think the link is the best means of doing this but I advised that if she wanted to air opinions that weren’t on her service from a contributor, she needed to create a new grammar, some new kind of blog post that made it completely clear the quotes were remixed and the post was not written by the person quoted: ‘Here is the blog post this person should have written, if only he blogged.’

Arianna said she would call it Boswell blogging. Well, if that’s the case, I said, then you could reach back and have Edward R. Murrow blogging… or Samuel Johnson… What Would Jesus Blog? Oh, Lord, as if there weren’t enough blogs — 30.8 at latest count — now the dead can blog.

: Arianna’s mea culpa here.

  • She’s never gonna get it. Zsa Zsa is so starfucked that she is willing to foist any kind of crap on the public as long as she can connect some “A” listed, Fabulous Famous Person (ffp) to her domain. Until she realizes that the mere notion of publicists being involved taints her like a roadkilled skunk, the HuffPo will remain what this episode branded the joint: a low-rent online version of the old time “National Enquirer.”

  • Duneview

    Jeff, I will go to my grave believing this whole Clooney/Huffington dustup is a hoax – a charade manufactured just so you could coin the phrase (word?) “l’affarianna.”

  • Fred W123234

    Can we call this the Arianna-Clooney gate?

    Sometimes, ethics mean nothing if you get to promote more Bush bashing.

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  • John

    I don’t think the Clooney-Huffington dispute is false, but I think Arianna caved because some of the other celebs posting on her website probably threatened to pull out unless they could be guarenteed she wouldn’t do a cut-and-paste quote job on them and then post it as if they had written it themselves. Media diva/lady of the evening that she is, Huffington couldn’t bear the thought of all those big names walking out on her web domain.

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  • C Dille

    How interesting to read that Ariana Huffington intends to follow the example of James Boswell in her Bozblogs. One wonders whether she will be equally forthcoming on the matter of her sexual prowess as her eighteenth-century mentor (‘five times was I fairly lost in supreme rapture’, he reports of his liaison with an actress in 1763). Boswell, it must be said, had an excellent knack for constructing dialogue, a talent which he appears to share with his latest disciple.

  • George Clooney makes his rounds in the blogosphere again, this time he talks exclusively with John Powers @ ActionReport.net.

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  • I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I thought it was common practice to cobble together a load of old codswallop with precious little basis in reality in the hope of attracting as many hits as possible:


    It’s always worked for me in the past, at any rate.

    Who is this George C. Looney chap any way?


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