Dell, you’re in trouble now

Watch out, Dell: John C. Dvorak is after you now. He writes a Marketwatch column noting the growing chorus of vocal victims and asks what’s wrong with Dell. He also nicely notes my Dell hell. Says Dvorak: ” Within the not-so-small confines of the powerful blogosphere there is a growing discontent with Dell and its once legendary customer service that could eventually hurt earnings. This situation might actually be at a crisis point already.”

By the way, Dvorak used to drive me occasionally batty — which is just his goal, of course — but I’ve come to appreciate him now that I listen to him on Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech. He’s growly and funny and blunt.

  • The guy is fantastic on TWiT!

  • afsvfan

    yeah but Michael Dell is worth 17 billion .

    so the worse the products gets he gets richer ?

  • EB

    link love for TWiT (This Week in Tech):

  • Tim

    Dells problem is the same as what happened to Gateway. The founder stepped down and put someone else in charge. The new person in charge just like gateway has begun cutting the customer service spending. Try to find the 1-800 support number, you cant, they tell you go online and chat with them. How much can you solve over the internet chatting. They dont say anywhere on the site, that if you call there 1-800 sales number, has an option to connect you to support. So many people have become frustated with a hidden 800 support number that dell had to make an option on the 800 sales number for people who needed technical support.

  • penny

    I dumped my Dell stock when the “Dell Hell” began, and I am thankful, as more and more new Dell Hell’s happen, people will realize what is going on.

    Now if my damn Sirius would go up again!!

  • Jimmy

    OK, I have to admit I’ve been getting a little tired of your {FCC Censored} Dell stories, but now I can add my name to the list of people who’ve been {FCC Censored} over by Dell.

    My company recently purchased a Dell Power Edge server and it’s a great machine. However, I had an issue I needed assistance with and ended up getting transferred from one person to another who did know what the heck they were talking about for nearly and hour! When I finally got fed up I let the last person I spoke to have it. I think her ears may have been bleeding when I was done. I ended up calling a local computer service company to help us out. I think our Dell Server is fantastic, but I will never purchase from them again — business or personal.

  • LB

    Perhaps Dell’s biggest problem is a language barrier:

  • Michael

    Considering Dvorak’s track record (he’s been wrong about Apple at every turn, IIRC even urging them to sell to Dell in the ’90s – what would you have done in London if that had happened, Jeff?), people might start believing Dell must be doing something right.

    But this points up a big issue in the computer industry in general: support is more critical than most CEOs (and about all CFOs) seem to think.

  • Minic
  • Dell support is questionable on all levels.
    I purchased last year an Inspiron 9200 to the tune of over $3500, called right before the warranty was out. First, my keyboard “f” key always repeated, and my mouse never worked properly in addition to the paint and plastic on the mouse warring out in less than one year. It was determined that the computer was overheating and the cooling fan had to be replaced. I also started to have display problems which one of the dell techs made me go into my registry, making me by accident I am sure erase my system 32 config. O decided to call Microsoft because I was scared to deal with Dell. I might also add that Dell will tell you that they will call you back but they NEVER do. Microsoft helped me do a parallel installation of Windows XP pro so that I may get some important files out. However after doing this and replacing the operating system, it turned out that upon having to reload my drivers, I discovered that Dell originally sent me the wrong system file disk for the wrong computer and upon asking them about this, they told me in so many words “too bad” you have to call sales and pay for one to be sent. I was livid, I had to download all drivers using a dial up modem which took HOURS and HOURS. After being on the phone many times with Microsoft and having them call me back which by the way they always did with WONDERFUL support, willing to deal with my problem staying on the phone hours with me with continual call back and care for a problem caused non other by Dell to begin with. Anyway system was sent to depot where the fan problem was NOT fixed, they just replaced the keyboard (not the mouse etc)which I aruged for in the first place and they told me normal wear and tear i.e. repeating “f” and mouse problems are never covered, but they did replace the keyboard..Go figure? No fan replaced, no mouse, but replaced keyboard for repeating f key which they said was not covered in the first place? Yet they said keyboard mouse etc was not covered, and yet they didn’t fix a major fan problem? Yes. Go figure? Does this make sense? The system now is useless. Needless to say I argued and was placed on hold going back and fourth to customer care and then tech support for hours getting nowhere, even being given to desktop support. How? I have no idea?. Even being told one thing and then another with so many different people. Weeks and days of horror with Dell customer service and tech support GETTING NOWHERE and talking to people all over the world it seems with no continuity of service nor respect for the customer. I paid full price for this system even after last year winning on the “elf” game $250 or $300 off ANY notebook over an amount I certainly met; which they promised to apply to my dell account after purchase BUT NEVER DID, and I never made an issue of it because I already new it would be a pain in the neck. Now this 9200 system sits useless under my bed and as I turn it on I only get a wall paper with no icons. Programs must be entered through task manager. I can’t even give the system to my aunt or anyone else who can use it.
    AFTER ALL THIS I was actually stupid enough to be talked into buying another notebook the e1705 duel system because of an argument over using a coupon I received in the male for $300 off Inspiron systems yet of course not the e1705 system although the coupon did not state that. Another source of unfair arguments which I am sure others not only myself had to deal with and to my amazement they had the nerve to say when you punched in the coupon code that “it was a mistake or error” I eventually did get the discount and got the e1705 system with all top components, which I had for less then one month, but yet over the 21 day return policy. After arguing back and forth for hours (by the way I got the extended 2 year warranty with accidental damage), and diagnosing with tech support, it was determined that I should get a total NEW system exchange. My system was getting hot, the display was freezing and then zooming etc..doing weird stuff. This system had the new NVIDIA 7800 go chip, however, not the GTX 7800 chip which to my understanding is more stable. After looking on the NVIDIA web site and other sites, I saw that there was a possible problem with this chip and the duel core systems etc. I informed Dell tech support of this at the onset of my problems. Upon waiting for my exchange which by the way Dell tried to gloss over me in that before the system exchange, they wanted to just replace my MOTHERBOARD!!!! on a system less than one month old? NO WAY. They said the new system would be delivered within 7 days, well its been almost 2 weeks, so I called and customer care assured me that it is in production. I asked other questions as to returns etc.. I was told that with the system exchange, I may return it within 21 days to get a full refund if I was not satisfied. A few days later I called again because alarmingly I noticed that Dell yanked the Getforce 7800 chips and is now putting ATI radeon NVIDIA chips and had a feeling this was causing trouble, they told me that I would only receive an exact configuration replacement, meaning that I would probably get the NVIDIA chip AGAIN. In addition, they told me a different story, that I could not return the new replacement system within 21 day, a different story then what I was told before. After arguing, and being connected to the modification department which claimed that they could not help me and they would have to connect me back to customer care. Upon reaching customer care and going through the whole ordeal again, they told me that they could not help me because I had to be connected to “post sales” customer care. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Which I then hung up and called back customer care again. I spoke to a very nice person who put me on hold gave me the number 18006958133 and then connected me to employee purchase and business account customer care…HOW? She saw my info and account etc.. I found out about this again only after repeating the whole story, she then put me on hold for customer care which after 35 minutes I hung up and called again of course not the number previously mentioned. I got a very nice lady on the phone who listened to my problem and who repeated the information I was told that I MAY RETURN THE SYSTEM EXCHANGE FOR A COMPLETE REFUND WITHIN 21 DAYS IF I AM NOT SATISFIED. This time I taped the conversation repeatedly asking making sure and asking for the employee badge number. There is no way Dell can escape out of this one. This company has a lot of nerve and in my opinion is extremely terrible to customers in every way possible. I was a good customer bought many systems this being my fourth or fifth, even being talked into another EXPENSIVE system after having so much trouble before. FOOL I am. I have only really touched the tip of the iceberg with all that I have been through with Dell. My blood pressure runs sky high every time I think of dealing with them. I am sure however, this is what they want to do to customers is make it difficult for them so that they will give up, or not spend the energy, talking to India one day and who knows where the next with no continuity of customer care or support care in between. A NIGHTMARE. Something should definitely be done about all of this, as I am sure I am not the only one going through such a continual ordeal.

  • Ick, people still listen to Dvorak? He stopped being funny in the ’90s. (He stopped being *right* well before that.)

  • liveit

    Dell plays this coupon game too which I hate – why don’t they just price it at the best price they can offer instead of asking to enter dell coupon etc.. I was trying to buy XPS M170 when this coupon thing came up. I had to search on google, find out a coupon (got one from here dell coupons enter it and get the discount. Make the process simple, dell!

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  • ScoopsGuy

    This one is almost too good to believe – I buy an external DVD RW from Circuit City to back up my dell desktop. In the process of installing it, it failed and disconnected my two internal drives. Circuit City was totally unhelpful despite selling me a faulty device. I called Dell. Some friendly but clueless rep sold me a $236 package for “solving 4 major problems each year.” After 2 hours on the phone trying to fix a relatively simple problem, she just defaulted and said – “You’ll need to re-install the operating system.” So, ironically, I needed to find a way to offload my data when my disc drives weren’t working. Long story short, 5 hours later I got all my data off using a usb flash drive.

    Before I wiped everything out, I checked with a friend, who pointed me to the System Restore function in Windows XP. Two clicks later I had rolled back my system and was back in business. It was beyond embarrassing that Dell had no idea the solution was so simple.

    At least they refunded my money without a fight.

  • Gerald Schultz

    Long Time Dell Supporter Until Today

    I’ve been responsible for buying directly or indirectly 100’s of Dell products since 1985. During the past 18 months I have experienced a number of problems which seem to be the result of either a very inept customer support team or one seriously inept CEO.

    – Off shore customer support might work but it seems Dell’s team is filled with incompetent techs most of whom can’t communicate in English. Yes they push on line help but it always ends with appologies not solutions.

    – I applied for a $400 rebate on a lap top which never came. When I inquired they could only help me if I had the documentation I sent to them?
    I only had the shipping papers! Too bad for me.

    – I ordered printer cartridges that never arrived. They shipped them to the wrong address. They couldn’t overnight me replacements because it took 3 days to process the order. I had to go out and purchase a new HP printer to get a project done on time.

    – When I purchased the Dell printer it failed after a few months. They replaced it but it took hours to convince them it didn’t work and I didn’t break it.

    – I purchased a desktop which had serious communication problems. After many hours I gave up and fixed it myself.

    – I purchased a 26″ LCD TV/Monitor which failed to turn on after six months. They replaced it but I was concerned since the replacement was not new. The replacement also failed to turn on after six months but the warranty is over so they won’t replace it. They can’t understand why I am upset when they shipped me two different TV’s with the same problem. They offer no help on how I might get it fixed or why they keep selling the TV’s if they are failing …… two different techs admitted the problem is wide spread …… tech says maybe something to do with how the TV’s are used (DVD, Computer Monitor, TV, Games)? I am concerned since I also have a 32″ LCD TV! My 5 year old 17″ Samsumg TV/Monitor is working great.

    I will never recommend or buy another Dell product. I’m retired but work as a part-time business consultant. I’ve spent well over 12 hours on the phone with Dell over these problems. I can’t do much but I feel if I can be responsible for them losing a few dozen orders I can sleep better. Dell is in serious trouble!

  • Joanna

    Does anyone have an actual phone number that I can call to get my issue resolved that is NOT tech support?

    I bought a Dell Inspiron in October and it is now collecting dust. I couldn’t get online after the first two months. I’ll save you all the gory details of the phone calls and the other garbage the company has put me through because you’ve heard it all before.

    I had to go buy another brand new computer and now the new Dell sits. I can’t get anywhere with this issue. I have even contacted Dell Investor Relations asking to send me in the right direction but did not receive a reply. Geez, what if I was a shareholder?

    I don’t want to get stuck with that lemon and I get in a bad mood every time I look at it. Any ideas what I can try next?

  • The Dell Trilogy

    Episode I

    Customer Service is Dead!

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that customer service in America is non-existent? For example: Dell Computers & are ready & willing to take your order and take your money with the use of American English Speaking Employees working in the states.

    However … If you have a technical question or general customer service question you are forwarded to India. At the India Call Center you will experience total incompetence, total lack of understanding due to the serious language barrier and you will more than likely never get your question or issue resolved, even after spending up to a couple hours on the phone. This is designed to discourage callers and it’s a vicious circle. You are transferred over and over again to the same place where they ask you the same questions over and over again. Within an hour, you will speak with 2-3 people who ask you the same sequence of questions from a script all ending with the same result. “Sorry, this isn’t the right department to address your question/concern, I will have to transfer you to the right department.” Now, this is the sick, twisted circle you now enter to never return.

    Dell & has clearly taken the “low road” to support its’ U.S. customer base. It is in my opinion that Dell & has no business placing the United States Flag on its’ Website Homepage! Dell has clearly sold out to incompetent 3rd world countries to support the US citizens with customer service that is clearly incompetent & unable to provide any help what so ever. Congratulations Dell, you are now among the elite “sell-out” companies of all time. Your product is garbage & your Customer Service is a total Joke!

    Episode 2

    This is another fine example of how incompetent Dell & Customer Service truly is. I should have bought an HP.

    I have been experiencing software problems with my new Dell PC ever since I purchased it back in November of 2005. Thank god I have friends who know computers. I had to rely on my friend to do a complete re-install. Thankfully he had all the software & stuff I needed to get up and running again. Dell??? Forget about it. A room full of monkeys on acid could do a better job helping people.

    Dell failed to send me the correct CD ROMs with the appropriate purchased software & driver information 3 times now. Again, I have had to waste several hours on the phone talking to the outsourced company based in India that provides what they call customer service. Dell & have put this process in place to intentionally screw the American consumer over! This loop-hole gives Dell an out for being responsible for it’s own actions. It is simply impossible for anyone to get a problem resolved with this process in place.

    Think about it… if you can’t contact anyone with Dell with your questions, problems & concerns who’s going to help you? Where or who can you turn to? The answer is simple,… you’re screwed! If you buy a Dell PC, Laptop or any other piece of Dell equipment you are on your own. Even if you buy the extended warrant & or extended service contracts, they will do you no good what so ever! It’s a waste of money & time. What’s worse is I’ve been charged for each set of incorrect software after being told time & time again that I would not be charged for the software CD ROM re-install CD’s.

    It is in my opinion that Dell has seriously failed all of it’s U.S. customers by providing total incompetent customer service & Dell has clearly used these dishonest & criminal business practices so they can not be held accountable for these serious problems. Dell is no better than a guy selling stolen merchandise off a truck in some back alley.

    Just look at all the complaints listed on this site alone. We are not alone! People all over the country are saying the same thing, Dell has failed all of it’s U.S. customer base. The sad & sick twisted truth is Dell isn’t the only company in the country who has sold out the American consumer. Customer Service in America is truly dead.

    Our own government along with Corporate America is selling us all out to the highest foreign bidder.

    Episode 3

    Well, here we go again. If it’s not one thing with Dell, it’s another. Now that I’ve fixed my own new Dell PC by myself and with the help of some friends, I see a new problem with Dell & When I originally purchase my Dell back in late Nov. of 05, I qualified for Dell’s special promotion for 0% financing for 18 months. Well, for the first 4 months everything was OK. HOWEVER, I just got my new statement with a 19.49% finance charge. WHAT THE F**K!!

    I wish I never got involved with this purchase. Dell Computers might have had good customer service & a good reputation years ago, but today the Dell Computer Company is worthless! Totally incompetent Customer Service that’s outsourced to third world countries, scams and lies to customers, promised services & support that’s non existent, the list could go on and on. Just read what all these people are saying about Dell.

    I know what the routine is going to be to get this resolved. A dozen phone calls all lasting over an hour per call. Not getting a straight answer for months, not hearing back from a manager for months (if I ever get a call at all). Thank god I just got my tax refund so I can pay this off and be done with Dell for ever!

    If you are thinking about purchasing a Dell Computer, DON’T! It is not worth it at all. The product is garbage, the service is a joke and the company doesn’t care about it’s U.S. Customer base. All they want is your money & after that, you’re on your own. Dell will make promises to get you to buy, but once they get your money, you’re left to fend for yourself. Dell’s customer service in handled by a huge call center in India and all these people do is read from scripts. You can NOT understand these people at all & they provide no help what so ever.

    Dell should be held accountable for its actions, but that will take forever & a day to accomplish. We the people are the only one who can make a difference. If we stop buying Dell Products, they will crumble to the ground.

    Do NOT purchase a Dell Product!

    This is not just an angry person lashing out for frivolous reasons. I have never experienced such poor & incompetent customer service in my life. Dell Customer Service is worse that ComCast, the gas & electric company and phone company combined. Now that my New Dell PC works, I love it. However, I had to make all the fixes myself with the help of friends even after spending the extra money for the extra support & warranties. All that turned out to be was wasted money, I got no help or support from Dell.

    There are many other good computer companies out there who won’t leave you out to dry.

  • Dell tech support manager

    First, Tim, I do not comprehend why every dell customer says that the tech support phone number cannot be found. I can find it on the support website in less than 30 seconds and can instruct a customer who calls in to do the same, which is amazing since most customers cannot or will not follow directions properly. If anyone cannot find the right number, let me know. I have an extensive list of working extensions.

    Jeff, your first problem was in purchasing an Inspiron of any kind especially one that has been released so recently. Do some research before purchasing a laptop and realize that Inspirons are crap. Your next mistake was in assuming that sofware problems are covered under your warranty which they are not and never will be with dell unless you purchase the additional software “Dell on Call” support. Also it sounds like you purchased the computer under a home account which I would not suggest to anyone unless you want to pay a ton for Gold Tech Support so you can get tech support in the US. Buy through the small business section. You do not even have to have or be with a business but you can get more durable pc’s and noticably better support. You will get what you pay for with dell (with a few exceptions of course). If you buy a cheap home computer, you will get inexperienced outsourced support with no software or dell policy knowledge with reps who have no desire or willingness to resolve any issues, technical or not. If you buy a more expensive home computer with all the bells and whistles and complete warranty coverage (which most customers do not understand whatsoever), then you will get hardware support, limited software support, and someone in the US who will most likely work hard to make sure you are satisfied.

    ScoopsGuy, I am so sick of hearing complaints such as yours. You caused your own issue by installing a third party device and then were upset that dell could not resolve the problem. True, you should not have been charged for the help that they obviously did not provide, but come on, system restore. That is elementary and the first thing you should try when YOU corrupt software. “It was beyond embarrassing that Dell had no idea the solution was so simple.” I would be embarrassed if I were you for not knowing how to do the most simple of tasks in windows.

    David, you need to read the comments I made regarding Jeff’s post. If you do not want outsourced tech support, buy a Gold Tech Support warranty or purchase through ANY business account. Read your warranty because software problems are not covered. If dell sends you the wrong drivers cd, don’t be lazy and have dell send you multiple cds, download them from the website, they are and always will be there waiting for you. Besides, you should have checked every item when you first got the pc and called if you needed something. Dell could actually help at that time. David, if you honestly want some information on dell, I will tell you everything there is to know. I have been in management with dell for many years, but please do some research before making any ignorant statements.

  • STAY AWAy from dell, i brought a 37 inch lcd which broke after 4 months and they are refusing to replace. paid $2700 for tv and installation of a dud.
    do yourself a favor stay away from dell the worst customer service ever!

  • Dan

    Hi to the Dell tech support manager

    I dont work for Dell….But I do own a few dell products
    All have worked fine, bar a desktop which would not boot up due to bad memory…I think you statements are SPOT on…things to go wacky, but a bit of effort on our side is sometimes all thats needed…

  • Hey Dell Tech Support Manager!

    First off, your company’s customer service sucks! Your company sold us out to a bunch of third world rejects who couldn’t find there way out of a paper bag!

    I bought all the extended warranties dell had to offer with my purchase. NOTHING has helped. All I ever got was the run around. I had no problem finding the dell phone number & I also rcvd 5-6 more additional phone numbers after spending over 36 hours trying to get some one to help me. Again NOTHING but a bunch of non-English speaking morons from India each with the same story & excuse.

    How do you expect normal consumers to figure out all that bull shit about what plans to get, how to set up an account not as a “Home” account, etc … As a consumer, you should NOT have to do all that crap. Dell should stand behind it’s product & when someone dumps close to $3,000.00 on a PC with all the fixins’ you shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of unprofessional bull shit! How dare you call me lazy! Go fuck yourself. I’ve spent over 36 hours trying to work with your totally incompetent employees & have down loaded, reinstalled what was supposed to fix the problem. However, NOTHING helped. I had to fly a friend in from Chicago to fix this fucking piece of shit computer. The only one lazy is your douche bag employer Dell. Moreover your employer Dell doesn’t give a shit about its American Customer base.

    You want to do me a favor? How about telling my how to go about returning this gigantic piece of shit computer. Do you think you can handle such a difficult request? No one else in your company could handle that one. Christ, dell can’t do jack shit. Your company is a fucking joke & nothing you can say or do will change the fact that this was and still is the worst business transaction I’ve ever been involved with.

    The only ignorant statement made is your reply to all of these complaints left by your company’s customers. How dare you insult us & try to flip this around like we did something wrong! You’re no better than a child molesting rapist. You have no regard for your customers. You sound like a real fucking cock sucker!

    When you say you have been in Dell management for years am I supposed to be impressed? You are obviously a “yes man” with no clue to what your customers are saying!

    If you would like to hear more honest customer experiences regarding dell go to and click on Dell. Thousands of negative comments can’t be wrong!

  • Robert

    Interesting, isn’t it, that the tech support manager remains nameless? I find his responses to the complaints insulting and condescending, reflective maybe of Dell’s attitude towards the consumer when it comes to support. Also, this tech support manager writes English well, so he is not in India, and that may explain his rudeness. Dell’s stateside reps have been, where I am concerned, far less courteous than the young people are in India. But, as has been said, they read from a canned script and you get nowhere, you’re on hold indefinitely, you’re given other numbers to call. No one seems able to solve whatever the problem is.
    The problem I had was that the Dell computer recently decided not to shut off. I was told this was a software problem, not hardware, and that–before I could be connected with tech support, before this could occur (unbelievable and preposterous! on the part of Dell and the salesman), I had to agree to purchase a $240.38 service good for one year. Then, while waiting another hour for the tech person to answer the phone, I fixed the problem myself, or it somehow resolved itself. The rep in India said she would cancel the transaction we had been coerced into agreeing to.
    Got a bill from Dell for that amount. After many phone calls, e-mails and even a letter by postal service, which I registered, I am being credited back the amount “owed” though only partially. A remaining $20.38 is not being addressed by anyone I have contacted.
    I think Dell’s outsourcing of jobs is ruining their reputation and what once may legitimately have been called “customer service.” The company’s greed is being fed at the consumer’s expense, but companies with proven disregard for the customer will surely lose out in the long run. Their practice of selling you a bill of goods before you are allowed to get tech help is unscrupulous, unethical, and a form of extortion besides.

  • Rob Halliwell

    At work we have bought Dell machines for 6 years ( around 250 machines ) and can honestly say apart from a small amount that had faulty capacitors (fixed under warranty by an engineer next day) we have never had a problem. They are ok at customer service though if your computer literate you dont need them. I have bought lots of other machines and never have they been as reliable as The Dell’s.
    Maybe i need some dell hell to bring me out of my rose tinted view.

  • Whats the problem with the dell xps systems and the new “earth wind and fire desktop”? How can dell come out with high tech systems when their whole business model is to buy from others and to save money by not being innovative? Also whats with the outrageous deals being abandoned? Customers want good deals, this is something dell is usually the leader in, PRICING. If dell wants to stay on top they need to keep up with those outrageous deals that dell is known for! Enough!
    Check out feedback here:

  • j.r.

    Hey folks, Dell’s problems have only begun! I have purchased at least 25 Dell PCs for personal and my office. After each purchase I noticed that Dell’s quality has been going downhill rapidly. Recently, I bought my first non-Dell notebook. I decided on an HP notebook and very satisfied with it’s performance. I got a much better notebook from HP than I would have from Dell. HP’s prices, if not cheaper, are reasonable, offers both AMD and Intel processors, better optional add-ons, better tech support, shorter telephone waiting time, etc. Another added benefit, unlike Dell, HP will honor coupons they issued.

  • Cynthia K.

    I bought identical Dell’s to replace the computers in my husband’s law office and in my own real estate development office. We figured if all the computers were alike, then we would be better able to keep up on knowing what they needed. I chose Dell because two techies told me they were the most reliable. We use computers every minute of the workday, and when they stop working, we might as well all go home. It has been a nightmare. I just made my 18th call to Dell over the same problem: When you turn the computer off, it will not go back on unless you hit it, yes, hit it, just like a 1950’s television set. I will never buy another Dell product. The idea that I have to spend the next two years with their crap is unbelievable. My son-in-law (The techie who told me to buy Dell) has apologized. I understood that the manufacturing process was exceptionally consistent: consistently bad.


    Dell is outsourced to India they suck, I am so disgusted with the many calls, and it ok sir excuses.

    ALL I need done is them to send me my rebate check payable to my name, not my companies name where I work daytime at. I had my laptop shipped to my daytime job, and ever since, this has been the owner of the computer, etc etc. I purchased with my own credit card, the only thing my old company has to do with this order is that it was shipped there.

    I would like to smear some smelly Camel India greasy Shaaaaaaaaaaaat off the ground in INDIA, our new customer service way of life. This is the future my people, we have outsourced customer service that probably works for about pennies a day, reads off the que cards they use, as I know them all now, and repeat them to the Indians. Its not their fault, but Dell needs to get people whom understand us, not people who can not even say my name. abu abu abu abu abu abu abu you will know what that


    yes aboive, did you not see on the box made in malaysia.


    Really, I would like to ship all their shit back to them in a nice big box, and get my money back. I thought they were the ones to go with. wrong.

    SONY SONY SONY is the future,

  • Dawn Marie Anderson

    I spent 2 hours online with a Dell rep yesterday. He told me to take my pc apart and sent me a link? Mind you, I purchased the four yr ext. wty. I told him, I do not carry a screwdriver to my office, I am in the business of sales, YOU are in the business of fixing computers. It came down to the standard answer…Operating system is corrupted. He ignored the error message on the hard drive. I am so sick of DELL this is my third and LAST ONE. I am not spending any more money on this, I am buying something that works. Dell is nothing but a multitude of problems and bullshit from the non speaking English reps. I tell everyone I know…NEVER BUY DELL.

  • Charles

    My son built his own desktop and it is running fine since two years, my dell desktop failed twice in one year. When I needed a laptop for my daughter she did not want to buy from dell no matter how many discounts and coupon gimmicks dell offers. Next time I need a desktop I will ask my son to build me one.

  • It’s not just Dell…

    As a long-time HP customer (between notebooks, printers and desktops for the businesses I own, I’ve probably spent $250,000 over the past 5 years on HP products) my recent frustration with their Indian tech support call center has lost HP my business for life.

    For phone based communication, the poor English skills, lack of understanding of what customers are trying to explain and the need for me to continually ask them to repeat what they just said because I can’t understand them, makes the communication process break down to the point of no return.

    Don’t get me wrong… I am all for outsourcing as a great way to bring costs down and build shareholder value. But when you outsource something as critical as your customer service and support to individuals who your already frustrated customers cannot understand, you are making a huge mistake long term.

    Just my $0.02 (or for HP just my $250,000 in lost business…)


  • They said I ordered a hard drive last october of 2005. I never did. I filled out the paper work called hundreds of times and now its on my credit report. They try to collect the bill from DFS……I tell them I never ordered the hard drive so they transfer me to customer service and than the hang up on me and call me the next day again asking for payment. What the hell is up with that. They ruined my credit. What can I do this is not right

  • Matthew Maggy

    You know, it’s funny. I’ve worked at CompUSA and I work at Dell. No matter what, someone always has some complaint about some company. Some people have had horrible experience with HP, some have had horrible experiences with Dell. I actually talk to many customers many time’s a day at the Dell kosk I work at in San Francisco and they rave about how much they love their Dells. They tell me how satisfied they are and that it’s the best system they’ve ever owned. A lot fo the time, the problems lie within how the customer treats the computer.

  • Fred

    If you want to expedite change, email the CEO of Dell, Kevin Rollins, at [email protected]

  • Dell Customer

    Okay, first of all Dell Tech Customer Support guy you’re a dick. Of course you know the numbers you work for the company!
    “Jeff, your first problem was in purchasing an Inspiron of any kind especially one that has been released so recently. Do some research before purchasing a laptop and realize that Inspirons are crap.”
    What? So that’s the tech support managers expert observation, that the entire line of computers is flawed? Wow! So how is that Jeff’s fault? What is basically going on here is that Dell sells crap computers then blames the customer for not knowing that its a crap computer. Now that is crap!

    Home accounts business accounts it shouldn’t matter! If the everyday customer stops buying computers from Dell, your company is screwed and you’ll be out of a job. How can people download drivers from the dell website if they can’t connect to the internet because of a driver problem? STFU! You should be ashamed to work for such a shitty company! Charging people for help with your product. I understand paying for warranties but paying for Tech Support? Come on! If you’re going to tell me that I shouldn’t buy a$999 computer because they aren’t reliable then why sell them? Oh that’s right to screw the average consumer out of a thousand bucks. With that thousand you can keep a 200 team call center in india open for 6 months, douchebag.

  • Homer Simpson

    Nice discussion going on there guys. But can you really afford the cost of service. I mean let dell get you americans ..(the 200 Dollar per hour ) instead of the 20 dollars per day Kind of indians and what after that .. . For the Dude who spent some 36 hours on the helpline .. can you afford $200*36 .. think about it before opening your trap.
    leave cost aside .. What’s the guarantee that the yankees can Sort out your mess ??

  • Tech

    My Company has changed from Dell to HP and I’ll be honest that it was the worst mistake that could happen. HP Customer service is so worse. I logged a call in November 2006 and i got the part in Jan 2007. We suppose to have NBD service.. Guys please don’t say that dell are worse as dell customer service is excellent.

  • Brad

    Dell’s ABU Customer eCare sucks rabid donkey balls. It’s web site for ordering a pc is great, so was the price, now getting it is where I am having difficulties. I called and talked to Apoo Patel and he said (I think – was hard to understand) it was being shipped as we speak. So I waited and waited and waited, almost 3 weeks went bye. I called again, this time I was on hold for 40 min then disconnected, very nice. I sent an email to their support. A Vijayetha_Y (I am not even sure if this is a name or how to say it) wrote me an email 2 weeks later stating that I declined the PC when they called. From reading the other testimonies, I guess I am lucky I never got what I ordered.

  • Withope

    first off DELL INDIA. you are a fucking waste of life. obviously companies like dell are going to use the cheapest way possible (look in the computers). they don’t give a shit about you. if you ACTUALLY want to make a fuckin difference then bitch at the head of dell for supplying such shitty service. Make a fucking difference for christ sake. Stop crying about someone from India who could honestly give two shits less about your minor problems. you say it’s not the people from India’s problem (oh you’re so compassionate) yet you continue to stereotype and degrade them.

    shit you are such a smart man. i wish i could just hold you for hours and cry with you about customer service problems. i love you. do you need a hug?

    half your sentences don’t even make sense.

    and sony is the future?


  • NJ

    I’m definitely one of those “vocal victims.” While purchasing an expensive replacement part for my laptop (surprise! another “frequently broken” Dell part) I called Customer Service to confirm that I was ordering the right part. I had the part number in hand, mind you.

    I hung up in disgust on two Dell employees in a row. The first was totally incompetent, and the second was just awe-inspiringly rude. Where do they find these people?

    Sadly, I’ll probably have to replace this part at least once more before my Dell craptop finally gives out. After that, though, I will never line Mike’s pockets again.

    Hey Mikey! They don’t like it!

  • Dan Satria

    On 5/28/07 I browsed for Canon HV20 camcorder and found that there were two merchants with very much the same price. One of them is Dell. I went with Dell since I had great experiences with them in the past.

    5 days later the camcorder didn’t show up. I looked at the order again and it said that the product won’t be shipped on 6/12. When I ordered, there was no sign that they didn’t have the product in stock. Unfortunately I didn’t print the order page since it said “In Stock”.

    6/12 came, but I didn’t get any notification that the product was shipped. I called them up and they told me that the product would be shipped on 6/19. That’s 4 days before I leave for my vacation. I asked them to ship it overnight at their cost. They said OK.

    6/19 came and I got an email that the product was still in production and won’t be shipped until 6/26, two days after I leave for vacation. The email told me how to Cancel it. I went to the website, found my order, click on Cancel, and guess what, I have to call them.

    I send them an email to cancel the order. After 1 hour, I have not received any reply yet.

    Now I am calling them at 1-877-868-3355 to cancel the order, and is still waiting to speak to a representative after 30 minutes.

    Please do not buy anything from Dell at this time until they clean up their act!

  • John Taylo

    hey all xps 700 owners yove been sold a different motherboard then advertized they had a secret upgrade program on direct to dell forums ah ha suckers try to run 64 bit as advertized overclock or change bios

  • Steve

    I cannot believe that people actually think the Dell Tech Support Manager is for real. It is so obviously some guy just getting a laugh from winding up already annoyed people. Read the guys comments again and think about it.

  • digi-ijit

    So, let me get this straight, Dell sucks, Hp sucks, what should I buy then?

  • Wild Bill

    Dell is a total and complete piece of shit company that sells defective products. In fact I thing going to Vegas and blowing 1k is a better use of time because at the end of the day you wont be reminded every day about it like you do each time you turn that piece of shit on and try to get it to do something. In closing, if you ever have to reinstall anything on your Dell you might as well commit suicide. It is less painfull and probably more rewarding.

  • TRH

    Never buying a Dell again. The Dell Media Direct installed in HPA does nothing but corrupt the OS on an annual basis… should’ve bought a Mac.

  • protoceratops

    It is sad to see these posts are YEARS OLD! I too will NEVER buy from dell again. Purchased Alienware laptop. First one not working, sent back after 15 hours on phone with customer service. Computer was not even a week old. The service for this was NO notifications that machine had been shipped. Came FedEx and was left on my doorstep for 10 hours during the day because NO signature was required. I received the Dell Venue that was free a few days earlier and had to sign for that. NOT HAPPY!. The venue was broken, laptop was broken had to return both. Another 5 hours and 5 people to get someone to understand what I was even talking about. Had a gift card and ordered a desktop for my mother. Order went through fine. Received a phone call few days later to tell me to call Dell. Called them back was told my order had been cancelled, did not know why but they took care of it and was going to send me an email. Waited 4 hours and no email. Called again, once again told order was cancelled. Was told they did not know why but it was now fixed and I would see the computer on 2/12. Once again 2/12 arrives, no computer, no emails, no phone messages, nothing except my order was cancelled. 7 hours of phone calls to India, Phillippines and central America to get 0 answers. Finally got a direct line to someone in Texas on a Friday. Said they would take care of my order and to call back on Monday. I asked about them working the holiday and I was told they would be working and would get my order straightened. Complained on dell facebook site only to be sent an email that my order was cancelled. NO DUH! I CAN READ THAT IN MY ACCOUNT. Still no explanations. On Monday 2/16, called the extension to the person who was finally going to help only to find out that the automated phone system would no longer allows orders placed to that extension and hung up on me twice. Thought might be due to the holiday, my stupidity, but on Tuesday the same thing. Phone system hung up on me. Found the name of Stephen Felice as COO and called the direct number and asked for him. The guy in India said there was no one named that working for DELL. REALLY???? Finally got to someone who does Employee purchases for companies that contract that through DELL and he researched my order to find out I ordered a clearance machine and it was no longer available (Out of Stock). He gave me the newer model for the same price because as you can probably tell from this I was not a very pleasant customer at this point. Finally got the machine ordered. I saw that it was on it’s way and on Thursday morning I had a phone message that said my order was CANCELLED. WHAT??? The computer was supposed to arrive today (Saturday 2/21). Yes it did arrive but I have not had time to set it up. The next time I will go to Walmart or Best Buy for another system. If they cannot do customer service, save the money and DO NOT SELL DIRECT TO CONSUMERS. The ordering of 1 laptop, 1 desktop and 1 free table has taken me since 11/18 to complete and until I know the desktop is working, I’m still not done. So it is now over 3 months. Going to your local electronics store is SO much easier. I spent over 40 hours on the phone and dealt with no less that over 10 people at the company. Will NEVER do this AGAIN! :>(