Vinod Khosla — one of the VCs from the bubble era and bubble neighborhood I think is still worth listening to… carefully — has started his new, smaller venture firm and he put up some of his presentations. I’d love to have heard his Web 2.0 spiel (download the powerpoint here). Two important slides therein:

* Clickable everything (use media like web-page; pop-up videos)
* Multi-ported: tv+music+webportal+homework+communications
* Instant messaging: always on friendships
* Remix generation: competitive re-authorship
* Authorship IS Consumption
* Blogs are NEWS
….but the human needs/wants remain the same

* Mobility, mobility, mobility
* Smart mobs, hive minds
* Collaborative action: reviews, ratings, editing, voting,
* Emergent Branding
* Mass Authoring: Blogs, Music, Video,…
* Peer to peer: podcasting, videocasting
* Google changes education?
* Reputation systems (Bloggers, sellers, products…)
* Distributed education, better colleges
* Remote medicine
* RSS & Syndication

[via Umair Haque]