Stern bits

Starting this weekend, Sirius is devoting one channel — 101 — to all Howard all the time. We Stern fans couldn’t be happier. Now we can catch the bits we missed because we had to do stupid things, like work.

: Howard has been promising to continue his I Hate Les Moonves tour — following Moonves’ childish, wasteful, stupid suit against Stern — on Letterman’s show Monday. But isn’t Letterman on CBS? Yes, but Howard says Moonves can’t order Letterman around. Except Derek just alerted me that on the Letterman site, Vin Diesel is listed as the guest on Monday, not Howard.

If that’s true and if Moonves did order the switch, then (a) Letterman’s a wuss and (b) Moonves is an idiot, for he’d only be giving Stern more promotion and ammunition and, once again, it brings the horrid David Lee Roth Show’s humiliating failure back into the spotlight once more.

If it’s not true, I’m Tivoing Letterman Monday.

: The Smoking Gun put up the Moonves hissy-fit suit here.

: When Stern appeared on Hannity & Colmes the other night, as part of his I Hate Les Mooves Tour — the ratings soared 40 percent.

: MONDAY UPDATE: Howard Stern is, indeed, going to be on Letterman. False alarm. Sorry about that.