Me and Mr. Edison

Monday, I get shocked back into rhythm. Last night,, everywhere I looked, I saw electricity. I watched House on Fox and patients kept getting shocked and I thought, yow, did I lurch like that? I watched Boston Legal and a guy got arrested for electrocuting a guy. I’m getting secret message from my TV. But, no, the shock didn’t affect my brain. Not at all.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Are you going to change the name of the blog to BZZT! Machine?

  • I see that buzz-machine turned out to be prophetic. :)

  • James

    I know this is not medical blog, but have only recently found out you have AF. I lived with regular 24 hour episode every 10 days for about 10 years. Had a series of ablations over maybe two years which never did anything.
    New procedure they developed in Australia called Star procedure, which involves going into the heart via open heart surgery and cutting some channels for the electric current to travel in.
    Worked a treat – I have been in sinus rythm for past two years.