Apple’s fix

I blew my Mac power adapter in London. Was sitting under a plasma display at OPA, hooked into one of the only power strips there (London has too few plugs!), trying to get some juice and to blog and I heard a pfffft on the screen and suddenly saw that my power was gone. It so happens that I had an Igo power adapter with me (because I thought I might need it on the plane — belt, suspenders) and so I was OK to operate my Mac, but nothing was charging my batteries. Uh-oh. I whined about this to a few folks and they all wondered whether we were headed into Dell Hell, The Sequel.

Nope. I made an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar from London and went this afternoon. There was a bit of a wait on a Saturday (thanks in great measure to an old lady with a six-year-old Mac ahead of me who stretched a 5-minute question into a 40-minute symphony of repetition), but I had no on-hold Muzak and talked to a nice guy, face-to-face. He replaced my power adapter and showed me how to reset the power management unit and didn’t require me to go through a bit of bureacracy and now all is well.

Take that, Dell.

  • Hope I never have to make use of their customer service, but even if I do, this gives me hope.

  • And, lets not forget that as annoying as that lady with the year old mac may have seemed to you while you were waiting, we really ought to recognize the greatness of a company that would spend THAT MUCH TIME with someone who has a product THAT FAR OUT OF WARRANTY.

    Thats been my experience with Apple too, when I crashed my iMac, the heros at the Genius Bar at the Tyson’s Corner Virginia store spent well over 2 hours with me restoring my files, rescuing the pictures of my son, and reloading software.

  • Let me get this straight: you made an appointment, one presumes telephonically, but perhaps via email or a web app. You went to a building housing a retail establishment, using some mode of transportation, maybe a car, maybe a subway. You stood in a line (queue, since you’re in Jolly Olde) for at least 40 minutes. You personally conversed with a “Genius” for some period of time, and they fixed a part that was broken.

    This perfectly describes my experience with my very first PC back in 19-aught-something, and the video card wasn’t screwed down tight enough. And today it’s “greatness.”

    There’s simply got to be a business plan in there somewhere, but there’s simply no way I could hypmotize enough people.

  • Earlier I didn’t give you the permalink for the newest redux wrap up of Dell Hell

    A new blog power term should be called “Jarvis Jam” — how the blogs can butter up the language…
    Here it is again:

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  • John

    ‘pends who ya get. Sometimes the dudes at the Genius Bar suck, sometimes they’re great.

  • I was traveling for work, but brought my “non-work” Mac and forgot the power plug, Apple store wanted $80 for the piece of junk (would have happily paid $35 or so). But the bar Genius told me “fill up your Mac on our power supply all you like before you leave and showed me to a new computer I unplugged. They would have sold me with a cheaper price, but they sold me on a customer service angle by letting me charge my computer before leaving. Won’t complain in the least.

  • Well, after your Mac got used to 110V , 220V was an overdose.

    Sometimes I think those Macs have a soul in them.

  • Taeyoung

    didn’t require me to go through a bit of bureacracy and now all is well.

    A dissenting view — when my sister (for the upteenth time) had to take a replacement iPod in to get it switched out for one that wasn’t broken, they told her that she needed an appointment at the genius bar. This is all well and good, as queuing is what civilised people do, only the appointment calendar apparently fills up around 7AM. They suggested she wake up early tomorrow and sign up online.

    To their credit, they ultimately let her bully them into taking her anyhow, since she knew exactly what they were obliged to do (replace the defective iPod) and knew there was no way they could fix it there, so it took all of 30 seconds. And there was only one other customer up at the bar anyhow. But they put up a fight, as bureaucrats do.

  • Geez, and when I asked Apple to step up and proactively replace the power supplies and capacitors on-site that had failed due to an admitted manufacturing problem, they said I could always send my ten iMacs to my local Apple dealer for free fixing (with me bearing the cost for transportation and downtime to users). Meanwhile, have had zero problems with the 40 Dells I’ve bought in the past year. And now I can’t buy the new Macintels because their emulation mode is slower than applications running on a G3 and Apple is draining its pipeline of the only machines that work (year-old PPC technology). And Apple’s feud with Adobe will delay a native Creative Suite on the new platform for at least another year.

    Take that Dell!!

  • Jokey McJokinson

    I really do love macs. My first computer back in 1994 was a mac and as of now i have a powerbook G4 laptop and work with a G4 desktop at work.

    The whole genius bar idea is a good one, but I’d like to warn you of an experience I had. About a year and a half after getting my laptop, my power adapter stopped charging the battery, so in order to use my laptop it had to be plugged in (thus defeating the convenience of a laptop). Anyway i took a stroll over to the genius bar at my local mac store and spoke with one of the “geniuses”. He looked up my apple care protection plan and said i was covered under warranty still. He said he would check for a battery in the back and replace it if there were any.

    There were none.

    So he tells me to call applecare and they should replace it by mail. I am excited to hear this, because $140 for a new rechargeable battery isnt in my budget as a college student with a part time job. I go home, call applecare…and they tell me, i am not covered, that this is “supposed” to happen.

    So, now i’m aggravated and thinking….so you’re telling me that if there had been an extra battery at the store, then the “genius” would have replaced it for free?? I dunno, the whole thing pissed me off to be honest. I spend about 3 grand on a computer and you can’t help me out with hte battery? I will still remain loyal to mac throughout though. I just wanted to let anyone know that if they have a laptop, be prepared for battery trouble like this.

  • Are you kidding?

    Hey Jokey, I know just how you feel. I spent 20 grand on a new car and then a year and a half later they wanted to charge me $140 for service! The whole thing pissed me off, I mean it’s my second Ford, you would think they could help me out with some new tires or something.