What echo chamber

Glenn Reynolds argues in the Journal that bloggers change minds, and change their own minds, on issues like the UAE ports tempest.

As I write this, it’s not clear where the rest of the debate is headed, but there are already some useful lessons for the White House. First, blogs make an excellent early warning system. The White House, unaccountably, seems to have been blindsided by the furor over this deal, though most people’s gut reaction was negative. As with the many bloggers like me who changed their minds, gut reactions can be overcome by evidence — but the White House should have taken advantage of this early warning to have its arguments in order. It didn’t.

  • Change minds? No more than talk radio or tv talking heads or any other media outlet. It sure is funny how “new information” or actually researching a topic before mouthing off (something blogs are not known for) can do that. But it’s all chattering class hoo-ha anyway.

    This brings up another point. You’ve been remarkably silent about the unimpressive reach of blog readership as reported by a recent Gallup poll. However egalitarian you wish to view blogs as being, their influence have and will always be in the hands of few. Just because the gates are open to all doesn’t mean everyone has the interest to walk in.

  • TLB

    In some cases, that “changing your mind” seems to equate to “I just received word that this is something that Our Leader really really really wants therefore, like Bill Frist, I’m ‘warming up’ to the deal. I hereby offer a full and voluntary confession, and – yes! – I do prefer supporting our leader to heading to Morozemlya, Sibir.”

  • Yeah, really. Reynolds and his ilk got the word from hq that el Presidente wants this deal, and now the conservative cultists are hopping on board dear leader’s train.

  • wake me when he changes his mind about supporting this administration. will that only take a few emails from readers as well?

  • TLB

    Does that comment make my blog look “liberal”? I want to assure everyone that while both I and ODub criticize Our Leader, we do so from quite different standpoints.