The FCC is unAmerican

It is doubly offensive that the FCC is choosing now — a time when free speech is under attack by cartoon-crazed mobs and Chinese dictators to renew its assault on free speech. Now, more than ever, America should be creating an example of free speech, not focusing on “shit” while others are losing their lives and their freedom over speech.

Reports have it that the FCC will add “shit” to its list of profane words, which so far includes just “fuck” and all its adjectival and adverbial forms. And Nicole Richie joins Bono as the first officially profane Americans. I can think of others, but that’s the FCC’s skewed view. The FCC also upheld its fine against Janet Jackson’s breast. I hope that CBS has the balls to continue fighting that fine — as Fox is fighting the Married by America fine — to bring this matter to the Supreme Court.