Deja page view

So Google starts a page creator. Haven’t we been there, done that?

I might be more interested if they had:
* Tied this with Blogger to create freeform blogs.
* Tied this with Google Base to let people create structured data.
* Tied this with RSS to create feeds.
* Tied this with Google Video and podcasts to create homes for many media.
* Tied this with Google Mobile to enable me to create any of the above for my phone, or yours.
* Tied this with Google Groups to allow creation of collaborative content.
And so on, and so on….

The power of Google is not in creating a bunch of separate things but in making connections. But not unlike other big media companies, they now seem to be finding it difficult to spell synergy. [via Squared and Scripting]

  • foo

    How do you know they won’t do these things?

    Google Page Creator is in beta. You expect them to tie a beta project in with some of their flagships?

    Oh and… if you can’t use this for Blogger, you’re a non-technical yutz who has no business commenting. Google Video too; it’s easier than easy to include live google videos on any web page.

    So maybe this is a pebcak issue.

  • Maverick Librarian

    Not that it matters much, since it seems they can’t even add accounts anymore. They are not taking new accounts, and if you already have a Google account, they offer to put you on a waiting list. Not exactly very dynamic if one has to wait. Then again, one can always go elsewhere.

  • Erik

    Google Page Creator is in beta. You expect them to tie a beta project in with some of their flagships?

    Their flagships???

    All their flagships are in beta too.

    At some point you have to stop riding your past accomplishments.

    Google does search really well, everything else is mediocre at best.

  • janice

    Actually, I tried it out this morning. If you had to get up a few servicable web pages in under 3 minutes with an easy URL, it would work fine. It gives you a URL of

    So to me, even in beta it did not totally suck. That being said — my socks were not blown off .

    My first thought upon hitting the publish button was about how easy it would be for every spam engine on the planet to derive my gmail address.

    I then erased my page.


  • Adam

    I think they will make WPC killer in time. I was impressed with the ease in setting up a fairly simple website, but I also agree that my socks weren’t blown off.

    However, I think Google will make this a great tool in time….

  • Ethan

    the day when google takes advice from someone with jeff’s (utter lack of) accomplishments is the day i cash out.

  • Jeff, with all respect, kindly remember what the inventor of the multinational corp, Harold Geneen, was the first to say “synergy is a myth, it harms innovation”

  • Old Grouch

    I belive the separation of functions comes from the Unix/Linux mindset, which values building good, single-purpose tools that can be easily chained together. (The “chaining together” part may come later.) For the “kitchen sink” approach, think MS Office.

  • i’d be happy if google just give into convention and provide a simple means to navigation across my favorite services. a dynamic, lightweight, customizable dropdown at the top of each screen.