I won’t be on the final

I’m not sure whether I’m amused, flattered, or worried that I find links to my blog showing up on various school assignments in classes that blog. Give them As, teachers.

  • I had the same experience when I found my old blog on the syllabus for a Japanese journalism class…

  • If I ever write a classic book I hope that it isn’t butchered by English teachers and hated by the younger generation. I guess I’d say the same about my blog.

    – Jersey Perspective

  • LJ

    President ‘Just Fine’ With Cheney Explanation


  • Well Jeff, I had my students read this blog when I was teaching at UCSB. The class sites aren’t up anymore though, but I assigned this blog, among others (boingboing, fark, etc).

    I still use this one when I lecture. Unfortunately I’m not this quarter, but will next quarter.

  • I’m a student in one of those classes, and I’m really enjoying your blog so far… I’ve even used it as fodder for my own (mandatory) blog postings. Very thoughtful stuff you write here. Kudos.

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  • Be all three, Jeff. Besides, you not only have good information, you’re also highly amusing at times–and authoritative! you can bet I’ll be sending some students over here to check things out.

  • Howard Rheingold

    You and your blog are probably mentioned in every one of my Stanford class sessions.

  • Jeff, I’m Sharon Meraz, an instructer for the class on Participatory Media at UT Austin. I have to say, you are indeed one of the most practical thinkers in this area and your material is one of the several sources I encourage my class to read. Like Howard Rheingold, it is difficult for me to NOT mention you (also Dan Gillmor, Rebecca MacKinnon, Howard Rheingold) in my sessions (take it as a big compliment) as I try to expose my students to what citizen journalism (in all its varied name twists) means, particularly as it relates to decentralization/distribution, social networks, and future participatory MSM models of news production/dissemination. My students are mostly seniors in journalism, with little prior exposure to citizen/personal journalism, so I am happy to refer them to someone as visible and influential as you in this area of work. Your blog is indeed part of the vital network of conversations on distributed journalism.