The afib chronicles

Since you didn’t ask… The latest on my fluttering, fibrillating, mildly f’ed-up heart…

I had the strangest business meeting of my career (or probably of those with whom I was meeting) today. I was having a great time with Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider of WordPress sitting in the ritzy Peninsula Hotel lobby (fear not, investors, they weren’t staying there; this was Tony Conrad‘s idea for a venue). And suddenly I started feeling faint — which never happens to me, not even when my blog host is down — and I had to tell the guys what was happening just in case I passed out. I told them in email later that I’ve never done that before, not even as a negotiating tactic (though it could be a good idea, eh?). Hypochondriac that I am, I called the doctor. I’d taken a big fall this morning and being on blood thinners, my fears raced to internal bleeding and all kinds of nasty scenarios. The nurse said that I’d just have a black & blue butt. I had water and got out in the fresh air and was fine. It seems my pulse was just slow. And my embarrassment high. But I’m very grateful to Matt and Toni for bearing with me at that most odd moment.

Damn, I can’t wait to get back to normal. And that wonderful day is now scheduled for March 6, after I return from a business trip to Europe and my blood is as thin as clear Japanese soup. I met with my new doctor yesterday and found kismet. We have a plan: I’ll stay on thinners until I get zapped on the 6th, then I’ll up my antiarrythmic medication, Rhythmol. If that doesn’t hold me, I will get me to the electrical socket within 48 hours, so I don’t have to go through this routine again and I won’t bore you with it. And then we’ll talk about ablating the nerves in the heart that are causing this (a procedure I wouldn’t have considered two weeks ago but now it sounds like an island vacation) and I’m starting to look into doctors to do that (starting with the Cleveland Clinic).