Small is the new big is the new line

incmag.gifBack in June, I wrote, inspired by some posts by Seth Godin, that small is the new big. Seth was similarly inspired by his own posts and wrote that small is the new big. Seth liked the line so much he used it as the title of his new book (and was nice enough to acknowledge the synchronicity). But now we both get beat to print by Inc magazine‘s cover this month. And they’ll both be in print before The Long Tail.

The internet makes everything smaller, even the useful life of good lines.

: My friend Tom has been telling me to make T-shirts with the saying and maybe I’ll do it. But, of course, I want them only on small shirts.

: In the comments, A.W. says he’s sick of “_____ is the new ______.” To which I say, didn’t you know that ‘is the new’ is the new ‘is the new’?