Well, the Frankenstein procedure didn’t work. I’m not suggesting that anybody should care about the details of this and I feel rather like an old folk in the home telling you the details of my complaints, but I said I’d chronicle this: After putting me out and putting a sonogram wand down my gullet, they found that I may have a clot and so they did not zap me because they don’t want that clot freed up by a newly efficient heart, doing mischief in the bloodstream. So I stay on anticlotting drugs for a month (no football for me) and then they will zap me again. That’s the long and the short of it. I’m fine, just still pissed.

  • kat

    Don’t be pissed–that makes your blood pressure rise. I hope the best for you.:)
    Speaking of football, I just won a beautiful Eagles “McNabb” football jersey in some Pepsi thing I entered. It is size 52 men’s. I wear a ladies’ size 5.

  • Eileen

    Well, I’m glad they in all likelihood found that evil clot before it could do a nasty sneak attack like one of its type did to me.

    Thanks for the update. More prayers that the tachyfibs will abate and cease entirely before next month arrives. Meanwhile, you didn’t have to get zapped today! Woohooo.. All in all, it’s good news I’d say :)

  • thanks for updating, and peace to you. Sorry about it’s being mandatory.

  • Are you ticked because the delay is for something that’s inevitable, or because you don’t feel as healthy as you should…

    I’m asking because going under the knife scares the living daylights out of me, personally, and thus makes any medical issue not the most pleasant of thoughts…

    My best wishes to you as you put up with this aggravation.

  • Sean Warren

    Don’t die, dude! We like you. :)

    Get well.

  • Jeff,

    I had a minor stroke because of a clot. Treat yours with respect, you may not be as lucky as me.


    (re football jersey) Don’t think of it as apparel, think of it as a personal tent.

  • I didn’t know Jeff. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  • Jeff Stockwell

    My dad has AFib. He has been cardioverted (zapped) twice in 8 years or so. I hope you’ll be able to treat this effectively with medication. My dad has a pacemaker and has also had an ablation to try to correct it for good. Obviously, treating this with medication is the preferred solution. But this is more common than you might think. There are many treatments, and while they sound scary, they’re not a bad as what you build up in your mind.

    Best to you and your family while you’re dealing with this. Just don’t push yourself. Rest when you need to. Pushing yourself doesn’t do anyone any good. Hang in there.

  • tim

    I’ll second what some others have said … take good care of yourself. I’ve never left a comment before, but I’m a daily RSS lurker and enjoy your blog.

    Plus, we kinda like you when you’re pissed …

  • In addition to keeping your friends and fans posted as promised, I think you are doing a public service by educating people about some serious health issues. Be well. You have a lot of folks rooting for you.

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  • Jorge


    Thanks again for promoting the power of the word.


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