Woodruff injured

ABC anchor Bob Woodruff and a cameraman were seriously injured in a bomb attack while they were taping in a military vehicle in Iraq.

Here is TVNewser’s coverage; keep scrolling.

: We’ll never know but one wonders whether they were attacked because they were reporters taping at that moment.

  • musicman

    You should link to TVNewser.com — the coverage is amazing.

  • Trump

    ABC anchor Bob Woodruff and a cameraman were seriously injured in a bomb attack while they were taping in a military vehicle in Iraq

    So what?

  • Erik

    “ABC anchor Bob Woodruff and a cameraman were seriously injured in a bomb attack while they were taping in a military vehicle in Iraq”

    My understanding is that it was an IED. IED’s a prepositioned, there would have been no way for the insurgents to know they would be taping as they rolled by a particular location (or even that reporters would be on that particular road).

  • Hopefully, this will wake the TV news people out of their Iraq fatigue and get them to cover Iraq stories again instead of concentrating on murders of the moment or James Frey and Oprah.

  • Ethan

    no IEDs can be detonated remotely–in some cases the insurgent watches who approaches the IED and then detonates the bomb,

  • Cortney

    In response to TRUMP’S “so what”…..
    Every American who loses their life over there is a “so what!” It’s idiots like you who disgrace our nation. The military has fought so you can wright ridiculous statements like that. Show a little respect. If you have something that insignificant to say than really what’s the point. I can’t stand people who have to say things just to hear themselves talk.
    I say finally, a reporter who is trying to report something worthwile. There’s so much junk on the news these days. The best news is always the stuff that is coming directly from where it’s happening. So that man is risking his life to give the nosey American public what they want. So maybe we should say thank you to him, or nothing at all if you feel the need to be disrespectful.

  • Trump

    Sorry, but people die everywhere every day. Last weekend in my neighborhood, a young woman was killed by a hit and run driver. I don’t hear any hue and cry over that. No blog coverage, no headlines on Drudge, no widespread comment. Nothing.

    I totally and utterly reject the idea that we’re supposed to care more about this guy because of his alleged celebrity or because of his alleged profession.

    Cortney, it’s quite clear tome that YOU place extra value on people based on celebrity, and for that I feel sorry for you.

  • Right of Center

    I hope the journalists fully recover. But what is interesting (and revealing) about this incident is how much “press” it will get. Scores of reports, tributary glowing accolades for the brave reporters. There will be articles and glowing tv pieces about the glorious and heroic yet dangerous and oh so necessary practice of journalism.

    In short we’ll be bombarded with precisely the kind of pseudo-patriotic and tearful “tribute” which the media would never in a million years give a staff sergeant grunt from DeMoines.

  • Tony

    yet another reason why blogging is better than “old media” journalism.

  • I think Jeff’s point is something like this: Do this insurgents cause death more for the cameras than the actual damage to our troops, Allies, or Iraqi gov’t forces?

    That’s a difficult question, but I think the intuitive answer is yes, whether one in question is a Sunni factionalist who will not accept the current regime, or a member of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The time to have struck in order to destroy the gov’t completely was back when the first election was being held, and ministers of the gov’t could be shot at in broad daylight, and the road from the airport wasn’t secure – you know, around Feb. of last year.

    Now it’s quite conceiveable that nothing in Iraq is secure, but the longer this goes, the more the enemy must be growing impatient. For there is no supreme commander of insurgent/Al-Qaeda forces who can see “Aha! We’ve lost Fallujah, but we have a few tribal chiefs around Basra,” etc. Either the Iraqi gov’t is there, or it’s not. It seems there to stay right now, at least from my comfy view in front of the computer screen. If the terrorists see it even a smidgen the way I see it, then the only thing left is to discredit the gov’t, which means attacks on men & material or getting provinces to revolt or establishing training camps or allowing Iran & Syria to establish groups friendlier to them than the current Iraqi regime are all on the backburner – what matters most is spectacular body counts, and camera footage of stuff blowing up.

    The strategy is to get this stuff all over Al-Jazeera & whatever else, and make people sick to their stomachs, I would assume. When the violence subsides, the corruption of the current Iraqi gov’t – and I’m sure there’s enormous corruption – will become an issue, and the political infighting might be enough to destabilize the whole country.

    It sounds like a nutty strategy, but one has to think long-term, I would guess. The current insurgency probably knows its not going to prevail, so it has to do things to establish itself and make the current regime look bad so that if circumstances change, it can take power, or at least dissolve the status quo entirely. And one can conceive of individual insurgent groups having this sort of strategy, each independent of the other, so I submit this for all of your consideration, and add that I am guessing and could be wrong about all of this.

  • Erik

    In short we’ll be bombarded with precisely the kind of pseudo-patriotic and tearful “tribute” which the media would never in a million years give a staff sergeant grunt from DeMoines.

    When the press does focus on the “staff sergeant grunt from DeMoines” who gets badly wounded the press is accused of focusing on the negative in Iraq. Remember the hysteria when Nightline showed the faces of all the US soldiers who had been killed?

  • I’m leaving Trump’s comments here as case-in-point when I argue in the column above and posts below about moderating interactivity: We all know who the asses are and don’t need anyone to point that out to us or protect us from them. They stand out and speak for themselves.

  • Jeff – why must Trump be characterized as an “ass”? His point has some validity, and worthy of disucssion, not insult & ridicule.

    Why is it that we should worry more about these injuries than the daily injuries that occur in Iraq? Why do you highlight these, and not others? Trump suggests it is because of celebrity status and becuase they are journalists. Do you agree? What does this say about our media culture that their injuries makes the front page, but not the kid from across the street who got hurt yesterday in Iraq?

  • Over 700 people die a week in the US in car accidents. What is more tragic, dying in a car accident while driving your kids to soccer practice or going to a war zone and getting injured?

    That doesn’t demean the injury of a journalist, it just puts it in perspective.

    No way those comments make Trump an “ass”.

    Of course the media is going to make a bigger deal when one of their own gets hurt. If they prolong it, then I will take offense.

    But I am still waiting for Hollywood filmmakers to get upset over the murder of Theo Van Gogh.

  • Trump

    I’m leaving Trump’s comments here as case-in-point when I argue in the column above and posts below about moderating interactivity: We all know who the asses are and don’t need anyone to point that out to us or protect us from them. They stand out and speak for themselves

    Indeed Jeff, as when you made your (in)famous “facts don’t matter, only the greater truths and lessons matter” statement during Katrina.

    Maybe you want to think twice next time before slinging mud at me…

  • Trump

    LMAO, or when you appeared on that panel to abuse the author of a book you didn’t even read…

  • CCollins

    …I agree with Zimmer & CaptiousNut about Trump’s comments here.

    Trump is correct, although perhaps a bit blunt for some people’s emotional shells. His comments did not justify the a$$ epithet pinned upon him by the ‘authorities’ here.

    The MSM is overwhelmed by its mawkish hyper-sensitivity toward the truth of normal suffering & death in human existence.

  • Well, the “ass” reference comes from the column above. But I found his first comment above offensive and I’m saying that’s what I think of it but I leave it there for it to speak for itself and for you to judge it for yourselves, as I knew you would. Point proven. I think Trump’s comment was assish. He thinks I’m assish. You disagree with me. Others agreed with me and were offended. And there we have it: discussion.

  • And, yes, I will now apologize for the particular use of “ass.” Sorry, Trump. I used you to make a point and I figured you’d be game since you don’t much like me anyway.

    I’ve been talking with media folks who wonder why I would not kill a comment such as the one he made at the start of this thread. This is why.

  • Trump

    No need to apologize Jeff, it is your blog regardless.

  • G’bless, Trump, that is the perfect circle. We disagree with each other. We each thinks the other makes misteps (each catalogued above). But the discussion is worth all that… and that’s the moral I’ve been trying to get across. .

    OK, the group hug is over now.


  • Tony

    so what about the issue of whether posting about journalists’ injuries is merely celebrity-fetishism?

  • John

    If you want to find out about, and read stories on some of the 16,000+ wounded soldiers (so far) from the Iraq war, try here:


  • I don’t think that flinging crap (namecalling and the like) at another is a discussion any more than two TVs facing each other at full volume are conversing.

  • I agree with Laurence Haughton – not much evidence of a discussion on the part of JJ here.

  • Cortney

    I said nothing that we should “hue and cry” more about the deaths and injuries of our military people serving, or “celebrities” as Trump called this reporter. I was saying show a little respect. I would have reacted the same way if the same comment had been written about anybody who had been hurt or died for any reason. “So What?” is just a pointless blubbering, that was what i was trying to get across. If all you got it that i was trying to celebritize the military and that reporter saying that we should feel more sorry for him than others than you should really feel sorry for yourself. How about making educated statements and opinions instead of just writting disrespectful slander.

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  • Jeff, You seem to see this thread as evidence of the news as conversation. To me it provides evidence of the end of conversation.

    If a bunch of us were sitting around face to face, and somebody walked in to convey the news that someone whose name was known to all of us had just been seriously injured, nobody would ever think to reply, “So what?” It would be so wildly inappropriate that everybody above the age of 8 would just instantly know how inappropriate that would be. Forget all the excuses about media celebrities and the cosmic implications of human suffering: It just wouldn’t be right, and everybody would instantly know it wasn’t right. As Cortney says, show a little respect.

    Only on the Internet would there even be a discussion of whether some anonymous ass (you had it right the first time) was right to express public indifference to the suffering of others. This isn’t conversation; it’s shock therapy.

  • Cortney

    Well put. Wish I could have said it that well myself.

  • Milania

    Soldiers seem to agree with Trump…

    Some US troops question Woodruff coverage

  • Fred T.

    Goes to show you it’s dangerous being part of the U.S. propaganda machine and I would suggest to have some independence implanted, while Woodruff is in the hospital. Then when is he hopefully fully recovered, he can begin reporting on the DAILY bombing by US. military in Iraq, the out of control street crime, including kidnapping, robbery and rapes or how about the missing 8 billion the U.S. media dosen’t seem interested in reporting, probably because it will reflect badly on the bush regime.
    I don’t expect the truth to be told about the war crimes in Fallujah, including the total destruction of the city, what the BRAVE and independent reporter Dahr Jamail found, dirt was removed from city and the streets were washed to remove traces of chemical weapons that were used, otherwise known as white phosphorus.
    In addition why hasn’t ANY reporter ask Bush, rumsfeld or anybody else what the hell is a convicted felon(for stealing millions of dollars) is doing running Iraq’s oil industry, the infamous Ahmed Chalabi.

  • David Crisp,

    I would say “So what?” faster than you could blink and I wouldn’t be the the only one.

    Perhaps your social circles are overly homogenous.