Congress and FOIA

Question: Did Congress exempt itself from the Freedom of Information Act, as Tom Evslin asks here? If not, I can’t find any means to file FOIAs with Senate committees or members. I want to continue my Quixotic quest to get real citizens into faked Congressional hearings or at least learn more about how fake they are. As I knew and as my commenters say below, these events are staged to say just what our legislators want to hear (or, in the case of confirmation hearings, they are staged so the legislators can hear themselves talk). But there’s no reason it has to stay that way. In media, we didn’t have a voice but now we do. Shouldn’t we in government?

: ANSWER: Mark Tapscott, who’s in the know in Washington, says that, indeed, Congress did exempt itself. And how scandalous is that? We need a sunshine law into our own damned representatives’ offices more than we need campaign finance reform.