The real free FM

: So Howard Stern’s show began this morning and, true to Stern’s history, technical glitches got in the way. They were more relaxed a few days ago, doing their studio checks, which were broadcast on Sirius. But about an hour in, they got their groove.

: Some thought he’d get on and curse but, in fact, Stern says he has a no-cursing rule for himself and a few of the cast members. And this led to a philosophical discussion about whether the c-word is a curse because Howard said that the daughter of fellow Sirius broadcaster Martha Stewart is c….y. The debate was funny; the debate was worth the move. And so was hearing Pat O’Brien’s sex tape, uncensored.

: The best sports in all show business, George Takei, is in the studio as announcer with is most melifluous voice and with the revelation that he lost his virginity at Boy Scout camp. How many sacred cows bit the dust this morning: F-words, Star Trek, and the Boy Scouts. I want to buy Brent Bozell a Sirius subscription.

: Howard tried to call David Lee Roth to wish him well. Roth — proving he has no balls or good sense — won’t take the call. Howard says he would have told him that the Uncle Manny segment sucked. He quoted Dave saying that radio is easy and Howard says that’s the problem: He should be making it hard. David goes on and on about how he flies planes and takes languages and works EMT and paints himself, as Howard put it, as 007. But he doesn’t have the balls to take critical phone calls or have the sense to take a call from Howard.

: Howard reveals he’s married…. but some don’t buy it. After getting the reaction, he reveals he’s not married. So much for that gossip.

: Howard begins a press conference and even Keith Olbermann is there.

: During the press conference, Stern was asked about streaming the show for poor office shlubs. He said they were discussing that and it likely would happen. Sooner the better!!!