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: So Howard Stern’s show began this morning and, true to Stern’s history, technical glitches got in the way. They were more relaxed a few days ago, doing their studio checks, which were broadcast on Sirius. But about an hour in, they got their groove.

: Some thought he’d get on and curse but, in fact, Stern says he has a no-cursing rule for himself and a few of the cast members. And this led to a philosophical discussion about whether the c-word is a curse because Howard said that the daughter of fellow Sirius broadcaster Martha Stewart is c….y. The debate was funny; the debate was worth the move. And so was hearing Pat O’Brien’s sex tape, uncensored.

: The best sports in all show business, George Takei, is in the studio as announcer with is most melifluous voice and with the revelation that he lost his virginity at Boy Scout camp. How many sacred cows bit the dust this morning: F-words, Star Trek, and the Boy Scouts. I want to buy Brent Bozell a Sirius subscription.

: Howard tried to call David Lee Roth to wish him well. Roth — proving he has no balls or good sense — won’t take the call. Howard says he would have told him that the Uncle Manny segment sucked. He quoted Dave saying that radio is easy and Howard says that’s the problem: He should be making it hard. David goes on and on about how he flies planes and takes languages and works EMT and paints himself, as Howard put it, as 007. But he doesn’t have the balls to take critical phone calls or have the sense to take a call from Howard.

: Howard reveals he’s married…. but some don’t buy it. After getting the reaction, he reveals he’s not married. So much for that gossip.

: Howard begins a press conference and even Keith Olbermann is there.

: During the press conference, Stern was asked about streaming the show for poor office shlubs. He said they were discussing that and it likely would happen. Sooner the better!!!

  • And so was hearing Pat O’Brien’s sex tape, uncensored.

    Yeah, that was hilarious when O&A played it last year. They’re playing the Emily Stern audio right now. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to be showing up on Sirius…

  • The show is wonderful today. It’s obviously great to have the gang back and live. Takei is fantastic and a great sport. Hearing the uncensored bits is a nice treat, and a bit weird to get used to.

  • What did O&A do with the O’Brien tapes? Just play them? Howard and company actually spliced them into Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” for a rather hysterical bit.

  • Sirius needs to get on the ball with online streaming of the show. Sitting here in the office is killing me after listening for the first two hours.

  • What did O&A do with the O’Brien tapes? Just play them? Howard and company actually spliced them into Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” for a rather hysterical bit.

    Yeah, they did it with various songs (“Let’s Go Crazy” was one), Jim Norton did a parody, various things like that.

  • Oh, and here’s a funny animation of the Pat O’Brien stuff, from last March.

  • I believe you can use this item to transmit the signal to any radio in your house. This requires assembly you can buy one on ebay I’m sure already functioning for around the same price.

    You coul’d also look in to some wireless speakers they should work about the same distance as a cordless phone.

    I’m sure in a few weeks all the people having the same problem as you will start posting what they came up with.

    It does ssem that Sirius may have really ramped up there repeaters I get a clean signal all the way to work now a 35 mile ride.

    To Jim I’m sure you and the other 3 people that listen to O&A on XM can be happy, since no one listens to them it doesn’t matter. XM only bigger becuase they where the first to get Auto Dealers up and running. Any portable solution only works if you have a clear signal to the sat or repeater signal.

  • To Jim I’m sure you and the other 3 people that listen to O&A on XM can be happy, since no one listens to them it doesn’t matter.

    Somebody needs to tell that to Emily!

  • Whoops! Sorry about the blockquote tag.

  • Jeff,

    He spoke about Emily on his test show I believe and said his daughter is an adult and is proud or her no matter what she does. She acts lots of actors are nude in their jobs big deal. What do you want him to do. Emilys footage has been all over the internet and TV it’s pretty hard to miss.

  • It certainly is.

  • ct

    I signed up for the free 3-day trial, and lo and behold they don’t allow you to hear Stern on that. The first reaction from the paying customers would be: “Well, pay, loser. We paid. They’re not going to let you hear Howard’s debut for nothing!”

    Here’s why that’s a moronic move: paying customers have an interest in not being a small club listening to Stern’s new show. The more the better. Whatever the means. The paying customers don’t care if others get a free three day pass. They signed up to listen for more than three days.

    The fact that Serius refuses to tap the online market for subscriptions is probably grounded in some kind of numbers regarding the need to sell hardware to fulfill their business model, but if so it’s a horrible business model. Look at the numbers who are online and who disdain buying crappy satellite radio ‘gear’, that is way too clunky and awkward and even difficult to figure out to begin with even for basically tech-savvy individuals. If I could have paid to hear online I’d have signed up months ago.

    The Sirius website is low rent. It’s like buying electronics from a guy’s car in a parking lot. You’re not allowed to ask too many questions, just put up the money and take your chances.

    And this business about having to buy a separate subscription if you want more than one radio is more than a deal killer. Have fun, Howard and crew. We’ll probably see you back on terrestrial radio in about two years…

  • tigh


  • tigh

    Or is it Psychophant?

    Gramitic errors asside, you have missed the point in Mr Stern’s rants. You like the term “balls” dont you? Seems to me you use them a lot

  • The SpinMD

    Sounds to me like Howard’s about a year behind the boys at O&A. He’ll get his footing, but it’s going to take time to re-build. I’m a devout O&A fan, but Howard going live today (coupled with O&A’s move to XM more than a year ago) will make 2006 the year that terrestrial radio officially bites the dust.

  • Bernice

    Sorry Jeff Jarvis, but I don’t buy your review. I’m left with a question mark as to WHY Howard has now put a rule to not speaking his mind freely with the very language that supposedly threatened him on FM Radio?

    I still think his move was all about the $$$ and because he knows he has influence to his listener base, he knew he could make people believe that he had no choice but to move to Satellite. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a STERN fan, but want to know what is different or better about this new format?

    What specifically will be the difference about his show on Satellite vs. FM Radio?

    As far as DLR’s show, I listened in this morning and he’s doing just fine and getting his groove on and is becoming more refined each day. I’m entertained and intrigued by the topics, so for me, I’ll continue to listen to DAVID LEE ROTH.

    You’ve now got your choice and no one is twisting your arm.

    Good luck to BOTH…ROTH & STERN.

  • Howard will be available through the online streaming feed. Look here at the bottom of the lefthand column. You can sign up to b notified when it will be ready. I’m assuming they don’t have the capacity to handle the bandwidth that it will take or they want to add better security to the feeds.

  • Jake Thompson

    >>> Stern says he has a no-cursing rule
    >>> for himself and a few of the cast members

    first Opie & Anthony and now his own cast. Howie the censor is at it again.

    >>> They’re playing the Emily Stern audio right now.

    and here is the emily stern video:

  • What did O&A do with the O’Brien tapes? Just play them? Howard and company actually spliced them into Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” for a rather hysterical bit.

    Wow geinus idea; inventive. Where do I sign up?


  • Ummm…. How is Stern deciding on the content of his own show censorship?

  • C’mon, Jeff. You’re a media watcher. Don’t sound so giddy about the Pat O’Brien tapes when everybody knows that Opie & Anthony worked through the Pat O’Brien tapes for days MONTHS ago. There are so many edits out there that came from the O&A show that you can probably Google them by now. I truly don’t understand the hype around Howard’s Sirius launch when he’s now simply following in O&A’s footsteps. His struggle now is going to be distinguishing himself from what O&A have already done so he doesn’t appear to be a copycat like he does with the Pat O’Brien tapes.

  • Bill Henry

    It seems that Howard is just trying to keep the language in perspective so that every other word is not fuck, etc. He’s used the word himself a few times already as have some other members of his cast of characters. Some of the bits he’s played are pretty well laced with the the “F-word”. CT: Just using my little cheapo XACT car visor radio in my office with a 4 ft wire antenna hanging out of the “FM out” jack, I can receive the show on any radio in my house and even in my shop in the backyard, about 100 feet away. If I ran a small coax cable out of the “FM out” jack to a FM dipole antenna in the attic, I could probably hear the sat radio for a block or so.

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  • Jeff you’re right the show was great.

    takeai is a nice suprise

    but the opening of the theme to 2001 laced with long drawn out farts was classic.

  • Bill Henry

    Tony, yes ,the opening was excellent! For a person as myself who loves classical music, but yet appreciates the “wholesome” entertainment offered by Howard, it was a marvelous combination! I suggest this hybrid title to the Strauss/Stern collaboration: Also Farts Zarathustra.

  • tigh

    I may be wrong on this, God Knows, as does Jeff, I have been wrong before.. But if one looks beyond the celbrity of Ms Stern, one can view a very funny take on pop culture and mock of Ms Cicone and her new found religion. I think it is quite creative and couragious. I applaud her

  • btw, your RSS feed died a few days ago at bloglines – just fyi – did you change it?

  • Tom:
    Dunno. Looks like it’s working to me; just checked both bloglines and my reader. j

  • Here’s some of the Pat O’Brien stuff from the guys nobody listens to, back when it was big news.

  • Teresa

    HS did the bits on Pat O’Brien long before O&A.

  • Yeah, he invented Pat O’Brien!

  • David


    O&A have no where near the draw Howard does simply being on Satellite first doesn’t mean anything. Howard was doing what O&A is doing on XM 20 years ago on regular radio before the FCC got a stick up it’s ass. They where on XM a year before Howard it’s Howards world O&A live in. I never heard anyone say I have to get XM O&A are on it.

    Howard, NFL , NHL is going to allow Sirius to over take XM within 2 years. XM is only bigger because they where the first to have car manufacturers install there system. In 2006 Sirius has a lot of Auto Manufacturers that they didn’t have in 2005. Secondly even if Howard draws people in initially no one will go back to regular radio, they’ll just find something else on Sirius. Secondly I can get a XM unit anywhere right now. I personnally know people that have there systems on raincheck because all the Sirius radio stock is sold out everywhere.

  • Well said!

  • Jeff – it came back this morning, 25 posts came in – weird….

  • ERock

    RamOOOOONNNne, get this douchebag a grammar tutor!

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  • Great review! George Takei is such an awesome addition to the show. This week has really suffered compared to last week. I sure hope they wind up hiring him full time.

  • conner kerplunk

    I am so sick of hearing stern fans say o&a have 3 listeners when the plain and simple truth is xm has twice the subs as sirius. It must hurt to see their hero lie to everyone and say he is the first when o&a were. Every thing they do howard is doing just 8 months behind.Example the pat obrien tapes.Howard is so washed up he is rerecording old bits. I guess he is going to still do the sub-par radio show that he said in his own words he has been doing for 10 years. Its over Johnny.When was the last time Howard had a listener party and actually met his fans without the velvet rope barrier.The plain and simple truth is he does not care about any of his listeners he just takes their money to buy howie-copters.

    Sorry to burst bubbles,
    Ex stern fan

  • bsqwared

    wow… i have never actually seen somebody try to make an argument for dopey and anthony being better than Howard… and i must say, i have spent the last fifteen minutes laughing hysterically… do you O&A fans really believe they were the first to do anything? to be completely honest, Bubba the Love Sponge was the first “shock jock” to do satellite radio, on XM nonetheless… of course, he works with Howard now because Sirius is really just plain better at this point… oh, and just because you were listening to O&A doing bits months ago about pat o’brien doesn’t mean Howard wasn’t doing them on Testicle radio… listen to whomever you want, but when O&A call for people to show up and protest at Howard’s Letterman appearance and 7 people show up, 3 of which ask howard for autographs, there is obviously a lack of reality going on in the lifes of you O&A diehards…

  • Sid

    If anyone actually bought his story about moving to satellite for the “freedom” when he first started spouting it… I’d think twice now…

    Howard Stern has been in full hypocrite mode for the past month and it seems as though he’s finally destroyed the last shred of credibility he might have had left. These are some of his quotes in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly,

    “I was just at my psychiatrist and I said, `I just got great news: We hit the 4 million mark. And I’m angry. It should be 20 million”

    “It’s insulting to me that everyone hasn’t come with me. I take it personally,”
    “I want to say to my audience … `You haven’t come with me yet? How dare you? We’re up to wild, crazy stuff, the show has never sounded better. You cheap bastard!'”

    So, in the name of “freedom” you take you show off free radio and take over $600 million dollars to go to satellite? To be “free”, you need to be paid $600+ million dollars and your fans need to spend a hundred or a few hundred bucks on a radio as well as a monthly subscription? Then you take your show off E!, so you can be more free… also so your fans can pay even more subscription fees to watch your show in pay per view?

    Where do you get off, being a man who just got paid $600 million, calling your fans cheap for paying to hear you? Maybe if you’d done some interesting radio in the past 10 years, people may have actually followed you. By your own admission, your show was “subpar”. Awww… The few hundred million you were making a year then wasn’t enough for you to put out some effort? Oh yeah, you weren’t “free” enough… because you care about freedom. You care about the government telling someone they can’t say something, you care about an employer telling you not to say something.. or do you?

    If you really cared about any of that, you wouldn’t have(by your own admission) forced your bosses at CBS to forbid Opie & Anthony to talk about you. What was your quote again? “I’m a strong supporter of MY free speech.” You don’t care about free speech. You care about money, which that’s fine with me. Make as much money as you’d like. However, don’t go spouting off all this hypocritical garbage about free speech. You aren’t doing something noble. You are no crusader. That much is obvious.

  • John Doe

    Sid, you are a stupid jackass. Opie and Anthony are stupid hacks, and nobody forbid anything about them…frankly because nobody cares and they have no audience. Go eat a shit cake.