Dell’s blog hell

Ed Moltzen reports on Dell and the bloggers, following up on Engadget’s report that the topic of unhappy customers with blogs came up during Dell’s Q&A with the press.

Michael Dell says complaints by bloggers about his company’s customer service are as bad as any other complaint. And don’t expect him to start blogging, either….

But what about bloggers, who have ravaged the company with bad customer service reviews for the past several months while Dell has done little or nothing publicly to counter all the negative publicity? Has he rethought how Dell views the blogosphere?

“We don’t want anyone to have a bad experience, whether they are a blogger or anyone else,” Dell responded….

But Dell himself seemed perplexed when asked whether he, Michael Dell, would actually start a blog (as have Sun President Jonathan Schwartz, Intel CEO Paul Otellini, who blogs internally behind a company firewall, and hundreds of employees of IBM and Microsoft.)

Dell shook his head and said he makes his views known to people inside his company “using a variety of different methods.”

So, too, do bloggers.

I emailed Ed and asked how aware of the blog belching Dell and company are. Ed replied that after a lot of talk about how satisfied Dell customers are…

I then reminded him that there is a vocal group of customers, bloggers, who have been criticizing Dell for months and asked him if that changed his thoughts, opinion or strategy in any way.

He answered with the quote I provided, and an extended explanation of what he’s doing to improve customer service.

My sense is that he wasn’t very familiar with the groundswell of complaints from the blogosphere.

  • Tom

    The ironic thing is that Dell would have been the sweetheart of the blogging world if they acted like they did in the early days. They were the underdog, subversive in a world of corporate pricing, and stealth in their marketing.

    The early Dell would have communicated to the world with a blog.

  • Dude, Dell is a real mess.

    Read these two blogs on my site and tell me … is this negative press really blogger’s fault? Is Dell really innocent?

  • Jim S

    The interesting thing is that all too many of the reports about Dell Hell blogging miss the really important point. What is impressive in a very bad way is how many of us had our own tales of woe at the hands of Dell customer service to tell after Jeff’s initial post.

  • Ali

    I think the customer service comments are pretty ironic at the time they are continuing to promote the Renegade XPS limited edition system…. With the great 10 minutes to answer technical support… Expect little rejoicing and much disappointment…

  • Chet

    Kevin Rollins, the CEO of Dell, is an idiot – he made a public statement that the bird flu will help Dell’s sales since more people will have to be inside to buy computers instead of going out – I think this typifies just how much Dell is struggling and how desperate they are –

  • darren s

    I don’t have a blog, but have been going through a Dell nightmare since the middle of December and after filing a complaint with the BBB and FTC a representative from Dell finally called me and gave me a porly scripted story about how dell is a global company blah,blah,blah. Of course he had no answer to the horrible customer service I have experienced these last 2 months. The really funny thing about it all is I have never received any product from Dell because I cancelled it two months ago, I can only imagine the nightmare I would be going through had I actually received a product. I never used Dell before and I certainly will never use them again and will go out of my way to tell people to avoid using them. Heck , I’ve had easier dealings with the worst Ebay members :-D

  • I agree with ali the comments are pretty ironic.

  • John in Denver

    I so feel your pain… I bought a new XPS series laptop for aorund 1300 dollars and could not get the Centrino wireless to connect. I went through a minimum of 12 transfers, 5 dropped calls, 2 supervisors, 2 government sales representatives and 6.5 hours of telephone time… The total time I talked with a technician? 15 minutes.

    The technician I got was quite knowledgeable and solved my problem quickly, but why I had to go through hours of BS to get to him is beyond me. I am an IT Professional and am in the process of rebidding my 2007 capital equipment PC purchases (worth about $60,000) to a different company.

  • Doug Aller

    This has been the worst experience I have ever had with Customer service ever.
    If you call expect to be transfers dozens of times and spends hours on the phone and repeat the problem to everyone them only to be told you have to be transfer again.
    Worst of all the problem was never fixed and they refused to replace or the laptop or even let me send it back. I agreed to pay a restocking fee and they still won’t give any help. They are the worst possible CS dept . any where you will be give supervisor after supervisor if they really are.
    The problem was with wireless internet and it still wont work.

  • Dell’s technical support is nonexistant. I call them the Re-install center. They don’t give a damn about the hours or even days to recover all the data, software, hardware and network connections, they just want you to go away. I had a very very simple problem I could not enable UDMA on the IDE hard drive. Dell couldn’t figure it out over the course of four calls and several emails while chanting re-install, re-install, re-re-install.

    I hired an expert at my own expense despite my computer being under warranty and resolved the problem in less than 5 minutes. I did not re-install and my computer is working fine and my data, network and software are in tact. In my case Dell demonstrated it’s incompetence! Free support is seldom free and often too expensive.

  • Will

    in 2003 I bought Inspiron 5100. My ethernet card is not working. I have been talking to Dell for 2 days now. I racked up 3 hours so far. No solution in sight and I have a complete warranty for 4 years. I can barely understand these technicians on the phone. They don’t want to sent a technician over. Its cheaper to waste my time, by paying those people 5 dollars per hour. Dude I am not buying a Dell.

  • It costs money to please customers.


  • Thomas Looney

    What a piece of trash Dell is. Just spent another day (2 calls) having a “crash course” in foreign language class. The scripts they read are not the same. Basic warranty jumped from $29 to $99 to $149 between phone calls. Never again will I subject myself to such rudeness and arrogance. Sounds like another large corporation whom tried the same tactics– Delta Airlines. I wonder what “name brand” of lap tops the CEO and VP’s of Dell use at home ??? I am buying elsewhere……. Good Day !!!