Vee see it our vay

So VC Guy Kawasaki has a blog now. What amuses me is that it fits the mold of so many other VCs’ blogs — many of which I read and enjoy — for they are filled with abstracted rules of venture life, like these from Kawasaki: “missions vs. mantras,” “the art of intrapreneurship,” “top 10 lies of venture capitalists.” I wonder whether they are following a leader or whether this is just the way VCs think and talk. (Around the table at home: “As part of my continuing series about how to present better dinnertime conversation, let me list the top 10 cliched lies Dads tell their startups, er, I mean, kids.”) It’s time for a VC to break free of the form: VC gossip, catty VC valuation badmouthing, anonymous confessions of the top 10 ways VCs blow off venture beggars, sex tips of the nearly wealthy…. Or perhaps follow Tom Evslin’s lead and tell funny stories with deeper meaning.

: Doc says here are three blogging VCs who break the mold.

And a contrarian friend of mine said:

What i find weak about the VC blogs is they are like business books – generalizations, guidelines at best, about business. But in the end, it’s about evaluating what has to be done in a particular situation – and the conventional wisdom doesn’t always apply. I’d rather see VCs talk about situations where they *didn’t* follow the business cliches. That takes real skill.