I’ll be on CNN twice Sunday: on Reliable Sources at 10a and On the Story at 1p (a rerun from Saturday night). Subject: West Virginia.

I did my first blogcast with CNN, this time using Apple’s iChat and iSight (with my son’s invaluable assistance). When I used to do these with the late Connected show on MSNBC, we had to use Microsoft Messenger (of course). Apple’s solutions work far better: higher quality images and sound and easier to set up (except for those pesky router ports).

  • Jeff – How do we find your blogcast? I was surprised you didn’t link to it or give some direction. Thanks! Bob

  • afsvfan

    aren’t you part of the whole mainstream media sucks but then you
    just end up on CNN which is mainstream media.

  • afsvfan: Your summary’s not quite right. I say that mainstream media is screwed if it continues in its old ways and needs to change given new challenges and opportunities and that is what I work to do as a day job and in nighttime blathering. It’s not about condemning msm, it’s about improving media, mainstream and otherwise.

  • wow! I know some one famoUSA! ;-)

    it is probably not in CNN inyrtnational!

    whistles while toddling off into thin air*

    thin air toddler

  • CNN inyrtnational! > CNN international

  • athospaco

    Question on everyone’s mind, what are the cool perks of being a guest or pundit on CNN, and such?

    Are you paid?
    Per diem?
    Do they send a car?

    A little of that transparency you speak so often of would be cool. :)

    Seriously I’ve always wondered, what’s in it for the guests.
    Besides the obvious ego and book plugging possibilities.

  • No money, no car (though they would), no food, not so much as a cup of coffee. Payment in ego.

  • athospaco

    Fun to know.

    As for the ego thing, who could resist?

    Thanks for the transparency.

    Although it pains me to know they pay Ann Coulter nothing. It seems that’s overpaying her.

  • stu bykofsky

    They sent a Town Car for me, Jeff, and then took me to lunch at the Four Seasons.
    Maybe you need a better agent.

  • H Kirman

    Saw you on that program. There is at least one thing for
    which CNN is responsible vis a vis the mine story goofs.
    That drip, Cooper, was approached by a well-fed, out-of-
    breath woman @ around 2230 CST. She told him she was
    a Red Cross volunteer, and had just come from the
    command center’ where she had been told that all of the
    miners were alive. From his response, she was the first to
    tell him that tale. I would love to know if she represented
    herself honestly, or merely wanted her “15 minutes.” If she
    was a volunteer, perhaps the Red Cross would care to tell us how she was disciplined for that gaffe, and if she remains, to this day, as a volunteer for them. Thought it interesting that CNN never reran that particular bit of tape.

    One other item which they never reran: During Senate
    hearings prox one year ago, when Ms. Rice was being questioned, she referred to bush the tush as “my husb[and]
    but made a quick recovery and changed it to “The President.” Something odd may be going on there. And to
    think they had it in for Clinton?

    Tx for listening.

  • stu bykofsky

    This just in: CNN did NOT take me to lunch at the Four Seasons.
    That wasn’t the Four Seasons — and that wasn’t me.
    I hope no one repeated what I wrote without checking with CNN.

  • good idea..