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I got email out of nowhere from Sprint telling me that they’d read my blog and wanted to offer me a chance to use a new, high-speed phone free for six months. The email said:

The Sprint Ambassador Team recently visited and wants to invite you to participate in our Ambassador Program.

The Sprint Ambassador Program is all about exploring our latest products and services and allows you to give direct feedback to Sprint. We recently launched the Sprint Power Vision (SM) Network and want to provide you with the full experience, at no charge. Sprint Power Vision Network enables customers to download data at faster speeds and experience new data products.

The email and the terms and conditions ask to receive feedback but do not require it. I’ll take them at their word that they want feedback and if they get and use response from customers, that can only help them. If I were them, I’d publicize the ideas and feedback I got from customers and used. That is the real feedback loop.

And wisely, not a word is said about blogging this. If they tried to buy publicity with phones, that would not be good. But they’re smarter than that: They know that a blogger must blog. And so here it is: free publicity. And if I find anything noteworthy about the phone, I may blog it again. The publicity they get is not controllable. I could hate the phone (but I probably won’t since I am a gadget addict and a speed freak… and I could also buy the phone and hate it and blog that). It’s a risk, but a small risk well worth taking.

It’s also a very, very inexpensive form of advertising. Note well that I’d be a lot better off if Sprint bought ads on my blog; that would be worth more than and phone and six months of phone service. So it may be nice deal for me, but it’s a far better deal for them. And that’s smart on their part.

Full disclosure: The phone they’re sending is free and the service on it is free for six months. If I want to use the phone after that, I have to pay a signup fee and sign a contract. Sprint is still Sprint. If I do, I will tell you. I’ll add that I do not plan on using the phone after the trial and obviously won’t use it as a primary phone during the period; I already have my expensive Treo.

: I TAKE BACK ALL THE NICE THINGS ABOUT SPRINT I JUST SAID: I just spent three — three! — hours on the phone with Sprint people because the phone I ordered for my parents a week ago was never put through at Sprint and I dealt with no end of cluelessness and no end of hold music and lost calls and bad attitude. You can have a good idea at the top of a company but if the culture still sucks below, your own company will torpedo you. Having subjected you to cunsumerist rants before, I’ll spare you the details on this one. I’ll just say that it doesn’t take much to burn up goodwill.

  • Mike

    What model of phone? :)

  • Jeff, I am in the program as well and I have blogged it today. The phone is a Samsung SPH-a900.

  • Hey Sprint! I have a blog and I’d love to have a(nother) phone!

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  • Mileage may vary, but as a member of the working press, writing for my own sites and dozens of print publications, I told Sprint no when then offered it (and got no response). It would highly unethical in my position to accept free service of this quantity that’s not designed purely for testing and review.

    That’s not true of everyone especially where it’s easier to disclose the fact that you’re getting the equivalent of $800 worth of goods and services at no cost.

  • I would assume that this phone accesses the EVDO data network they just launched. Downlink speeds are impressively fast for the amount of data you can handle with a phone, and uplink speeds should be ok even if you are taking a lot of pictures. Under test conditions before the launch accessing the Web with a card-equipped laptop was equivalent to a home cable modem. If they approached me as an ambassador rather than a launch contractor I’d still want the card rather than a phone.

  • I was included as well…and funnily enough thought it was some kind of Nigerian scam at first. It’s amazing how skeptical we’ve become. Anyway, I’ve accepted as well as have already discussed this on next week’s episode of Across the Sound. So I guess it’s working…

  • It’s called payola, and it’s illegal in other media (even though it still happens – radio, I’m looking at you). Certainly unethical in any medium, and it’s getting a bit pathetic here: Rubel is sure to get the make and model of the phone in his comment (way to pander!), other self-professed marketing gurus are gladly eating out of Sprint’s hands before our very eyes. So sad.

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  • how do i sign up for this sprint stuff?

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  • NOT payola! This is good communications, pure and simple. Look, I understand and agree that Sprint hopes influential bloggers will say something good about the new phone, and that the fact that it is free MIGHT help their case.

    But the company also had to seriously weigh the consequences of as many bloggers disliking it as liking it. (As Jeff has proven, freebies only go so far as to raise an eyebrow – after that, the device/service does all the work). And they had to consider that bloggers are likely to hate being contacted by a corporate giant, as the concept of blogs are consumer-to-consumer or expert-to-consumer or entertainment-to-consumer commentary, not corporate giant-to-potential consumer, as communications goes.

    What Sprint did was clever, and I agree with Jeff. But I think they knew that most bloggers would repost their “ask”, and I think they understood that they would get feedback about their brand as WELL as feedback about this new device. They recognized that there is value in dialogue, positive or negative, and that if they ask for it and then listen carefully, they just might learn something. (About their company’s reputation, their service, their strategy, who listens to the experts they’ve contacted, and last but not least, the phone.)

    That said, having had a terrible experience with their service, plans, billing, etc. in the past, I wouldn’t use a Sprint phone if it was plated in platinum and someone was threatening to set my left foot on fire unless I used it.

  • I want them to give me the money they buy congressmen (and women..Hi Hillary-who’s your daddy?!) with and pay me to save the world from blind faith: in marketing, in groups, in ‘Ed U. Cay shunned’, in ‘safe’ food, in ‘programs’, in patent ‘protection’, in mathematics, and in ‘somebody will do SOMEthing’.

  • tony

    Here’s the Sprint Secret…….they don’t have to offer customer service. Once you enter into a contract with Sprint…why should they ever want to help? You are a prisoner of their ‘Agreements” It took me..ready for this…..48 phone calls and 1 month to get a replacement phone that was under warranty no less. As you know…Customer Diservice calls are routed to unknown areas around the globe. I truly believe these people are paid to make everyone’s life a living hell. They are all trained like monkees to answer every question you may have with another question…it is insane. I know a few people that work for Sprint and they have told me that even they have become so frustrated that they had to just hang up. And here’s a little game you can play….just ask any one of these people where their Corporate Headquarters is located…they have no clue! And we all know that the “Supervisors” are worse than the regular reps. What a horrific way to treat customers. truly, Sprint is by far the worse customer focused Cell Company out there. (although Nextel isn’t so bad) So here’s the real secret…I finally found a phone number (yes after a month of spinning my wheels)that will direct your call to a clandenstine group called ‘escalations” (although they won’t admit that they exist) I promise you that whatever problem you may have, these folks will make it right immediately. And the fantastic part is that they actually talk in “Human Speak” They carry on conversations…and even laugh!

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  • Scott Rqi

    Sprint Sucks. They are now every bit as bad as ANY phone company.
    Long holds, disconects and IGNORANT employees at every level.
    Did ANYONE recieve notice of being sold to Trinsic? Hey, it only cost me 200,000 rewards points. I’m interested in joining, or starting, a class action suit.
    Anyone with similar experience should call the FCC at 888-225-5322 and log a complaint.

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  • Rob

    I thought it might be interesting for participants of the program to compare notes, so I created a Google group for anyone who was invited. (You don’t have to have accepted)

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  • fredc

    sprint is a great company ! cellular service great !lol although customer service sucks. i have been a sprint customer for 4 yrs. ps where is my free phone!

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  • Rich

    SPRINT CS worse then T-Mobile?
    I have had my fill of T-Mobile, their customer dis-service has to be the absolute worse (being put on hold for over an hour only to be dropped). I am convinced they sit back and laugh at the callers.
    I was thinking of going with Sprint, but based on the above comments, I am now doubtful. Is there a cellular company in this country who has a professional customer service department?

  • The wonderful world of sprint customer service. Intersting they contact you. They’ve actually contacted my site several times offering their “helping hand” to the people who leave rants on my site.

    The customer service run-around is pretty rediculous and can end up costing you all of your minutes if you’re like me and stuck in the Hawaii time zone and need to call on peak hours.

    Feel free to stop by and leave a rant at

  • Bob

    THIS IS A MUST READ FOR EVERY SPRINT CUSTOMER!!!!!! I am a technical support specialist for Sprint and have been for over two years.

    The state of Sprint efficiency and quality in customer support and care has taken a nosedive with their latest ploy. On Friday, September 1st, 2006 I sat during my entire shift as a technical support specialist in the customer support phone queue. I am NOT customer support trained, and on this particular day a customer support problem arose nationwide (caused by Sprint’s own negligence). This problem could ONLY be fixed and/or repaired by a CUSTOMER SUPPORT MANAGER because Sprint won’t give the credentials in the computer system for tech support specialists OR customer support agents to be able to fix the problem.

    Being inappropriately stuck in the customer support phone queue these calls started rolling in by the dozens on my floor alone. And even though I have a manager that is customer support trained and HAD the credentials to fix the issue, this person was NO WHERE to be found all day!! This manager was either in a training class, or was gone on a 2 to 3 hour LUNCH!!!!

    Being in the customer support queue with no manager around to fix the issue we were forced to try to dial out to the customer support number to try to find a manager that could fix the issue. Now understand that MANY tech support specialists were in the customer support queue, so when we would try to dial out to customer support, 9 times out of 10 we would NOT get a customer support agent……we would instead be connected to another TECH support specialist stuck in the same helpless boat!!

    Sprint speaks of trying to be #1 in customer care, and then turns around and routes incoming customer care calls to the wrong departments intentionally, causing nothing but grief and intolerance with the customers that pay big money for their services.

    And if they put technical support in the customer care queue and we refuse to take the calls, or make a mistake on one of them because we have no idea what we’re doing, because we were never trained in customer care, they take disciplinary action against us involving write-ups and possible termination!!!

    As a phone center employee who has worked in call centers for over 8 years, I find this conduct by Sprint absolutely inexcusable and intolerable. Every Sprint customer across the nation should be made aware that Sprint has no intention whatsoever of providing reliable quality customer or technical support to their customers, and there can be no better proof of that than the actions they took on 9/1/06 as I have described above.

    I ask all Sprint customers to be patient when speaking to anyone in customer support or technical support and know that we are just as unhappy about this despicable behavior by Sprint as the customers are! I would also ask all who read this to lobby Sprint to never even THINK of ever doing something so stupid ever again IF they are TRULY CONCERNED about QUALITY customer care.

    The employees involved in this unpleasantness truly DO care about the customers. And when Sprint plays infantile games with their faithful customers, and with their faithful employees, not only do the customers suffer, but the employees all leave our workplace with our heads hung low in shame and disappointment that we weren’t able to help the people we are hired to help.

    It just doesn’t make for a real happy day for anyone…….thanks to SPRINT!!!!!

  • Trish

    Well as a single parent with teenage sons it is very important for me to get the perfect plan. In working with sprint customer service, I thought I had what would be the “perfect” plan. Yet month after month my bill is wrong, due to their error… they are only allowed to credit the bill $200… yet their errors always exceed that. I ask month after month to let me out of their contract. I am a prisoner, and am in risk of losing my phone service because I honestly can not afford paying for their errors any longer! Hell I would be happy just to have someone call me back who knows how the heck to fix things! How do I get out of these contracts, which happen to be staggered for each phone I have! By the way thanks for the FCC number I am lodging a complaint!

  • I wondered how you got the sprint phone free, no one kicked you out, but you nevered offered the use of the free phone either, you mocked my crying and yu left, talking

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  • Jaime Wonish

    Sprint is TERRIBLE
    they have screwed me over many times… lied about fixing my phone sent me out without even opening the phone to fix it so i had to come back 3 times before they replaced it and then sent me home with an unactivated phone.. then when my sister got her phone stolen, gave my mother’s social security number and account password, AND address to the theif.. because the theif pretended to be a sprint employee on the phone when really he wasnt.. he harrassed people in the phone book and sprint reactivated it UNDER OUR ACCOUNT FOUR TIMES and still wont take the charges off my mother’s bill. They don’t care about people, and the are rude. I’ve never met such rude unhelpful customer service in my life.. I can’t wait until my contract is up

  • John

    Sprint now has a lovely telemarketing/promotional/ survey”SERVICE” that allows them to call your cell phone 3 times daily for 30 days AFTER you tell them to take your # off thier list!
    I’m paying for thier internal advertising.
    Sprint sux & my next service will be told on day 1 to not call/email me with any promotions
    Sprint also has “World Class” customer service just ask them after several minutes on hold

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  • herb

    Sprint is lowest form of a cum bag company on this planet and you are just playing into thier hands. They offer you some small perk to stop dissing them and you accept. Sprint has the worst service the worst customer service. The stores are no better I have had the police called on me for nothing more tham asking a few questions. They said I was harrasing them and would have to leave.

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  • Jennifer

    Sprint is horrible! They have the absolute worst customer service of anyone I have EVER had to deal with. The left hand never knows what the right is doing. Their phones suck and never work right. I wouldn’t advise anyone to sign up with them even if it was all free.

  • annonymous sprint rep

    EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS!!!!! I am a Sprint Retail employee and have been with “the new Sprint together with Nextel” since the merger, prior to that I was a Nextel employee. I hear every day the complaints that all of you have made here on this blog. I would like to take the time to express ideas and information that may either aggravate you or alleviate your distress.. mind you these are not ideas, policies, or practices that i necessarily want to follow, but have to and it might explain some of your frustrations and WHO to take them to. Biggest concern is customer service. The actual *2 from your phone people are outsourced. They do not work for Sprint, but a third party company whom is contracted by Sprint. They usually give customers the wrong information including “just go to the sprint store.” Believe me this is just as frustrating for me as it is for you. Customer service CAN be helpful but in only a few select ways. If you have a billing issue they are the best people to call and you can request a billing specialist. We at the store level are not trained in billing information (although we can read them and tell you where you incurred overage charges or were charged for data usage) but we have very strict policies about how much we can credit a customer and for what reasons. Customer service has a lot more flexibility with this. A couple of stipulations remain: we are not responsible for correcting something more than 3 months old if you are negligent on reading your bill. We cannot back date insurance without some sort of proof that you either a) had it on your account before or b)have been paying for it and it doesn’t show on your account in our systems. “I told the guy to add it,” doesn’t work. I’m sorry but if you don’t take the time to make sure your bill is correct and all the right plans are on there (and 99% of customers don’t) then we cannot help correct the sittuations. customer service CAN offer special rate plans that we cannot at the store level. This department is called Retention. That is what they specialize in- RETAINING customers. Brought your phone is 6 times to get fixed over the last 2 years? Call retention. Not happy with your plan and know you could save money elsewhere but like the service? Call retention. That’s what they’re there for. DO NOT COME INTO A STORE TO CANCEL SERVICE!!!! We are not allowed to cancel your account. We by corporate policy have to put you on the phone to customer service to cancel your service. So now that you know the few things to call customer service about let me inform you of a little secret. We at the store level get paid based on responses to customer service surveys that you may get called to answer. READ THAT AGAIN! WE GET PAID TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! If that wasn’t incentive enough, do you really think that we enjoy having people scream in our faces, talking down to us, going as far as to use profanity and vulgar speech and threaten our lives over a cell phone? No. We put up with a lot grief from our customers and i believe a lot of it stems from 2 factors- 1) lack of proper expectations and 2) lack of common sense. the first one we can fix at the store level because it is my job to make sure you understand the fine print. Yes using the discount resigns your two year contract and its not because we are punishing you its because we have to balance the revenue lost by giving you the discounted phone by something. So we say, “here, have this phone at this price and stay with us for two more years.” It’s more of a barter-ship. Old school, but practical from a financial aspect and we are after all a company. And yes there is a $36 activation or upgrade fee. Every company has it, don’t try to tell me they don’t. If you would like the fee waived call account services after your 31st day of owning the phone and see if they can remove it.. its not guaranteed and not even i know the stipulations of it becuase we CAN NOT waive it at store level UNLESS it is a promotion that we are currently offering in the store or there are notes from customer service. As far as the lack of common sense- if your phone fell in the sewer and you bring it in to me in a plastic bag, wrapped in newspaper and hand me rubber gloves and say, “can you retrieve my pictures customer service sent me in here” then, yes, I’m going to look you in the face and laugh and think that you’re joking. Sorry- that’s disgusting. I’m not trained in hazmat and if you aren’t willing to touch your phone with a 10 foot pole than neither am i. Also, don’t buy a phone with a ton of gadgets if you either a) won’t read the manual or b) can’t figure it out. I don’t mind showing customers some of the more difficult things on their phones (like finding the scheduler) but putting your call on speaker phone will always be one of two options.. either the “speaker” button or after the number is dialed you hit options and select speaker on. Or READ THE MANUAL! Hey I didn’t learn everything on my phone by ESP… I read the manual. If you don’t have one they are avaiable as a PDF on the Sprint website. If you bring your phone to a service and repair center and you don’t have insurance there will be a charge regardless if the phone is in warranty if you don’t have service and repair covereage. We partner with manufacturers to provide our services. We do not make the phones. Only the manufacturers will cover the manufacturers warranty. My advice: get the insurance $6 a month covers all your service and repair at no additional cost and in case your phone is ever lost, stolen, or water damaged you can contact the insurance company and pay a $50 deductible and have the phone mailed out and not extend your contract instead of either a) paying full retail price or b) signing a new 2 year contract and using your upgrade elligibility. We will provide a loaner phone provided one is available (we only have a select few) and provided that your phone is genuinely defective to where it is unusable and we have to order you one. We generally do not provide a loaner phone for lost, stolen, or water damage/damage beyond repair as this is viewed as abuse and a risk to loan you one of our phones. I went on a bit of a rant but I have to finish up with a few last things. Sprint and Nextel merged because they saw great things in the future. A merger takes time and it is frustrating when policies change on such a rapid basis and we ask that our customers see through the hardship to the silver lining that we will be great again. The hybrid phones have hit test markets and will be bringing the nextel walkie talkie with the ability to use sprint voice and data services (an awesome feat). Our network really does have the strongest coverage and fastest data speeds. We are working in certain test markets to do a joint venture with comcast and some other cable companies to provide you with more services, 1 bill, and more solutions for time management. The managers of the retail stores are working together to lodge valid customer complaints with the customer service department to help provide a better experience to our customers when we do have to hand you off to them. Lastly, we ask you to be patient with us through your frustrations and let us help you the best we can. We understand when enough is enough, but we do care and will do everything within our policies to help you, we just need you to understand that we all have specific limitiations to our powers and abilities within the company. That is all. Thank you.

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  • julie

    I treat each conversation with Sprint-Nextel as customer service training. It is the only way that I can tolerate their horrible service. Here is an example of what Sprint-Nextel has used in their conversation, “Like I said…” It reminds me to be on my toes with my clients who pay my salary. Sprint-Nextel is going to go out of business. I would be afraid to ever hire anyone who lists “Sprint-Nextel Customer Service” as a prior job title on a resume. I really feel for the sales reps that work at the malls, etc. Customer service hung up on me and the rep at the mall was kind enough to assist me. They hung up on him as well. I couldn’t believe it. He was so awesome that I extended our family plan for another year. Unfortunately, customer service has continued on a downward trend. I have to admit that I am the type that will stay with a more expensive plan, whether it’s car insurance, cell phones, etc. just because the customer service places value to the higher premium. Since Sprint-Nextel has both higher prices and horrible customer service, I see no point in renewing my plan. Nextel was awesome!

  • I truely have to believe there is a training school for Sprint
    representives on how to screw it’s customers!
    When you call customer service and it say’s there is a 20 minute wait .
    Well that’s the first indicater that your dealing with a company that has
    a lot of wrong billing and unsatified people.
    I could write a novel on the terrible tactics Sprint uses to increase profits.
    This it’s not the first company that I’ve seen this type of do what ever you can to increase profits training. “Best Buy” Electronics and Aol have similar programs

  • Angela Kellich

    I’ve been on the phone for the past 2 weeks with Sprint/Nextel with absolutely no resolution to my new Upstage phone they sent me. This company is absolutely pathetic – I’ve even went as far as to the executive office to which I now have an executive associate asking me what I would like to do – her name is Natasha Birdo. I’m the customer – shouldn’t they know what to do for a customer??? Apparently, NOT!

    The technology department is a mass mess – no one knows what the other does. The technology department is telling me to go and order a 3rd phone from a local service store – to which I did yesterday. I purchased a bluetooth for the 2nd phone I picked up at the service store on Saturday – the bluetooth doesn’t work for a mear $127.

    As of this moment (7/10/07, 11:09 am) I called the executive bozo again who is suppose to be handling my case to which she offers no assistance. I guess $30K per year is pretty pathetic for an employee who asks “What would you like me to do!” I’m still on hold waiting for her to get the technology department on the phone. I already been through every single person in the technology department for hours on end – I know every angle of the Upstage phone. The only thing this phone can do is make calls and take pictures. You cannot download or access anything, but I’m paying $25. per month for Power Vision. Lo and behold, Natasha Birdo cannot even provide me account credit – what can she do, what can the executive office really do.

    Oh, by the way, I’m still on holding listening to music while she tries to reach the technology department. She also indicated that she would stay on the when the technology department walks me through to correct the problem….what a joke Sprint is.

    Bottom line, if your a current customer get out while you can. If you’re thinking about becoming a customer – forget it. The Customer Service department sucks along with all other aspects. Gary Forsee needs to bail out cause he sure isn’t fixin’ the company!

    By the way – I’m still on hold!

    • executive nightmare

      Fuck you.. I hope your phone never works bitch.

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  • John Garger

    Can someone give me an idea whether or not I should go for a smart phone or just use a more stylish phone and wait for some better technology? I am on the Sprint network, and was referred to, but I’m not seeing any options that look like smart phones. I don’t need an MP3 player or a camera, I’d rather have a phone that is lighter and easier to carry. Any recommendations would be welcome.

  • Tina

    Sprint absolutely sucks!!! I have been complaining about my service and finally thought that I would get something done about it. I contacted a rep at Sprint and they told me since my reception and dropped calls were so bad they would terminate my service. So I found a service that worked great in my area and then I tried to call and cancel today, well they told me the lady that I spoke with and her supervisor did no t have the authority to tell me that. So now it’s like my fault and I am the victim. Their customer service sucks and they are not willing to resolve this even though it is in my notes that I may terminate with no ETF. Beware!!!

  • Someone

    20, 2008 3:34 PM

    Well Well Well, it’s nice to see others are having the same problems I’m having, ALMOST!! First off I was a NEXTEL customer for 6 years before SPRINT so called merged, I was well satisfied with my service, I was using a NEXTEL Air Card for internet access and was satisfied until about 6 months after the merger when SPRINT had NEXTEL lower the speed to get people to buy SPRINT air cards which I fell for. I bought a SPRINT air card which went out 32 days after I bought it after downloading Sprint’s updates (remember this for later) I got with the NEXTEL/SPRINT store where I bought the Sprint Air Card and they called customer service (I had already heard from friends who were SPRINT customers that told me not to use SPRINT because customer service is really bad, I also heard this on National TV, well kick my ass for not listening) The owner of the store was on the phone with Sprint customer service and could not get these people to send the replacement Air Card to her store due to the fact that I was living on a boat because my home and area was at the time under water due to Hurricane Katrina, SPRINT sent the replacement Aircard to my home address which was undeliverable and returned, The owner of the NEXTEL/SPRINT store called a week later and they already had the returned Aircard to try to get customer service to send the darn replacement to her store again, Nooooo SPRINT customer service sent it to my home address again!!! There was no home there, nobody could live there because everything was under water again from hurricane Rita!!! the Aircard was returned again!! the NEXTEL/SPRINT store owner again called customer service……ok you know the story 3 times customer service sent the Aircard to my home address after being told all 3 times that I was living on a boat near her store and my home was on National TV and was destroyed and no one was allowed to return due to the damage in the area. Finally after the 3rd Aircard was returned the sent the Aircard to her store which I was able to pickup. I had to pay all my bills online without seeing a bill due to the hurricane situation. When I finally was able to catch up with my mail (I give praise to the USPS for their determination thru the hurricane crisis) I opened my bill and SPRINT was charging for 2 aircard services!!! I HAD ONLY ONE AIRCARD!!!! now I could only get reimbursed for 2 month service after I had been paying for 5 months for 2 Aircards. I canceled the service. Next I get a bill for early termination of 2 Aircards!!! $400.00!!! I called customer service, I agreed I should be charged for early termination for one aircard but not 2, well this became another nightmare, I was talking to what seemed like people who could not understand what I was telling them due to they were probably still getting over the 40oz malt liquor they had the night before, my calls were being dropped. I finally called back the 4th time and got a young girl who I had to explain, hun, If you bought a car which in 32 days after you drove it off the lot the motor broke, the interior fell apart and the paint peeled off and they replaced the car, should you pay for 2 cars? WALLA!! She understood my story now. I only paid for 1 early termination and was reimbursed 2 months of the 5 months I paid. NOW kick my ass again, 1 year later I got another Aircard which after I downloaded SPRINTS updates my USB ports on my computer will not work, I called Customer Service and the nightmare has begun again, I canceled my service again and paid the early termination fee and canceled my NEXTEL phone which I’ve had for 8 years. I checked on SPRINTS stock it was $.74 a share, I purchased 53,265 shares because I know someone will take them over and my stock will be worth quite a bit more later. SPRINT service was very good but their customer service is like trying to deal with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. (you people who had the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac loans know exactly what I’m talking about) I’m using Verizon Wireless services now and am happy, I had AT&T but they can’t compare with SPRINT and VERIZON on Mobile internet services.

  • Rudy

    Sprint sucks, the Motorola ic502 sucks too. Go to ATT or Verizon

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