Marc Babej gives us a glimpse into a fun kerfuffle in Germany between someone who appears to be Heidi Klum’s father and an ad blogger who dared use his Liebchen’s name. Herr Klum is trying to argue that her name is registered and trademarked and shouldn’t be used without payment. The story is bubbling up to the German press already.

: And here is a translation of the ad blogger Patrick Breitenbach’s report [via Thomas Kneuwer of Handelsblatt]. The original letter from Herr Klum:

The name “Heidi Klum” is protected by law ® and TM. I’m asking you to delete the name from your URL and desist from using the name “Heidi Klum” for advertising purposes. I have set January 2nd 2006 as a deadline for compliance.
Thank you for understanding my point of view.
Guenther Klum